Watch The Beautiful Moment An Ecstatic Dog Reunites With Its Owner

OMG June 4, 2019 By Hugo

Meet Franklin.

Rumble/ rumblestaff

After 10 painful days away from its owner, it couldn't help but get all soppy and excited as its owner finally came home after a protracted period away that probably felt like forever for poor Franklin! 

Smothering it with loads of kisses and even jumping on its hind legs to greet its owner with human-like hugs, this adorable moment just goes to show that the love of a dog is unconditional and unique!

Whilst we don't condone leaving your dog for such an extended period, these kinds of doggy reunions always seem to make our hearts melt.

From military servicemen and women serving abroad and returning to their pooches to people like this simply leaving town for a few weeks, these kinds of bonds show the palpable sense of belonging and kinship dogs feel towards their human owners.

Watch the full video below and see if you can go the entire length without crying....

Good luck!

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