A Walking Jack Black Draws Comparisons To Hilarious Meme

LOL February 28, 2019 By Hugo

Jack Black turns heads wherever he goes because he's an A-list actor, so you'd think photos of him in public would be nothing new. But the latest photo of Black walking around town like every other human being has gone viral because of the hilarious reactions of a distracted couple in the background.

YouTube/Jablinski Games

Like many online things, it has been given new life as a meme and has even been compared to the famous and now iconic Distracted Boyfriend meme.

In the initial video, one comment read, "That looks like that one meme where the guy holding hands with his girl turns his head and looks at another girl."

Another user added: "Dude's reaction at 8:12 should be a meme."

The Distracted Boyfriend meme, for those not in the loop about memes, saw an attractive couple walking down a nice Spanish walkway only for the boyfriend's head to turn at the sight of another attractive female. The girlfriend's annoyed reaction was priceless and was the main reason it went viral.

Shutterstock/ Antonio Guillem

The photo itself was a stock image from the popular stock photo company Shutterstock.

Antonio Guillem, the photographer, said of the unexpected popularity, "Because we were having a great sales response to our work, we decided to take a few risks planning a session representing the infidelity concept in relationships in a playful and fun way.

"As I always work with the same models, it was quite easy to create the situation even though it was quite challenging to achieve face expressions that were believable.

"Mainly, because we always have a really great work atmosphere and almost all the time one of the models was laughing while we were trying to take the picture."

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