Tupac's Love Letter To Madonna Goes On Auction

Celebs July 12, 2019 By Hugo

A heartfelt breakup letter written by the late hip hop artist Tupac has gone on auction and is expected to fetch close to $300,000.

Shutterstock/ Fabio Diena

The 'older white woman' he describes in the letter is Madonna, whom the rapper dated in the early 90s. 

While the long-winded letter outlines why he no longer wants a relationship, he asks Madonna for her friendship and that she visits him in prison so they could talk "face to face."

"For you to be seen with a black man wouldn't in any way jeopardise your career, if anything it would make you seem that much more open and exciting," part of it reads.

"But for me at least in my previous perception I felt due to my 'image' I would be letting down half of the people who made me what I thought I was."


The letter continues: "I've waited a long time to finally write this.

"Mainly because I was struggling to find all the answers so that I wouldn't leave any unanswered questions.

"First and foremost I must apologise to you because, like you said, I haven't been the kind of friend I know I am capable of being."

He adds: "In the time since, as you can see, I have grown both spiritually and mentally.

"It no longer matters how I'm perceived. Please understand my previous position as that of a young man with limited experience with an extremely famous sex symbol."

The Changes star then sends a warning to Madonna of the evils fame brings, writing: "Everyone is not as honourable as they seem. There are those whose hearts bleed with envy and evil. They would not hesitate to do you harm! Let my five bullets be proof of that."

Unsurprisingly, Madonna wasn't best pleased when she discovered the letter was no longer in her possession and put a stop to the first auction in 2017 having claimed it was stolen.

She said: "The fact that I have attained celebrity status as a result of success in my career does not obviate my right to maintain my privacy, including with regard to highly personal items".

However, TMZ released court documents which revealed the case had been thrown out, allowing the letter to be sold. 

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