10 Times Black Friday Embarrassed America

OMG November 9, 2018 By Hugo

Ever since its inception in 1932, Black Friday, which takes place the day after Thanksgiving, has long been seen as the busiest day on the shopping calendar, with net-spending going well into the billions thanks to an array of reduced prices.


But it's come at a cost, and you only have to google 'Black Friday' to see that some people take their love of bargains too far.

With that in mind, and with the holiday fast approaching, we've profiled 10 Black Friday disasters that have shamed modern-day consumerism.

1. A Woman Used Pepper Spray Following A Heated Argument At A Los Angeles Wal-Mart

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In 2011, a Southern Californian woman was accused of using pepper spray on up to 20 Wal-Mart customers after a heated argument over a discounted Xbox turned sour.

The unnamed woman, who later handed herself into local authorities, was never charged and insisted her actions were done in self-defense to protect her children against wild shoppers. Whatever the reason, it seems the woman was more than happy to injure many(some of whom were children) to assure her kids got their Xbox. 

2. The Stabbing Of A Marine

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With many bargains to be had, it makes you wonder why some would steal a laptop on Black Friday, yet that's exactly what one thief in Atlanta, Georgia did in 2010. Perhaps sensing that a store flooded with customers would make it easier to go undetected, the opportunist was nonetheless spotted on CCTV, which is when things took a nasty turn.

Shockingly, the thief, who was caught running away from the security guards, was apprehended by four nearby Marines, which led the desperate thief to stab one in the back of the neck before being taken away by police.

3. The Tragedy of Jdimytai Damour

YouTube/ New York Daily News

While fights over TVs and consoles are commonplace on Black Friday, the death of a temporary Walmart worker in Valley Steam, New York shocked the country and shed further light on a day which continues to garner bad press.

Jdimytai Damour, who was working as a security guard, was only 34 when he was fatally trampled in 2013 by a mob of crazed shoppers who had descended in the early morning to get their hands on the best deals. Due to a shortage of staff, however, the 6-foot-5 Damour was powerless in his efforts to keep shoppers at bay, leading the American retailer to revamp their security operations. The tragic stampede also resulted in the miscarriage of a pregnant woman.

4. A Man Was Shot By 3 Thieves After Walking Home With A Plasma TV

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It may be worth noting for all would-be Black Friday shoppers that walking home with an expensive TV isn't the wisest thing to do, something an elderly Queens man discovered when 3 robbers shot him in 2009. 

Shooting him in the stomach, the thieves took away with the TV, but with karma perhaps working its magic, the item couldn't fit in their getaway car. Sadly, the thieves weren't caught, but the senior survived the shooting.

5. A Fatal Car Accident


After staying up until the early hours to assure the best in-store deals for his eldest daughter's wedding, the father and his family of 5 were unsurprisingly tired. But unlike most Black Friday horrors, this tragedy took place outside a store.

Heading home in the wee hours of Saturday morning, the Tandel family were happy with their purchases. However, having only had 3 hours sleep; the father struggled to stay awake and crashed the vehicle in Palo Alto, California.

For his24-year-old, bride-to-be daughter and 20-year-old sister, the accident proved fatal. The father was subsequently charged with vehicular manslaughter. 

6. An 11-Year-Old Girl Was Trampled On At A Wal-Mart

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You'd think that the parents of an 11-year-old girl would know better than to allow her to be amidst the exodus of a Black Friday crowd, but sadly they didn't and as a result, the mass crowds in New Boston, Ohio resulted in the girl being trampled on.

The 2013 incident, which shares similarities to that of the death of Jdimytai Damour, was thankfully not as severe, but a senior woman om the stampede was also harmed.

7. 61-Year-Old Walter Vance Fatally Collapsed As Shoppers Walked On By

When Walter Vance, a 61-year-old pharmacist from West Virginia decided to see if he could grab himself a bargain or two at his local Target store, it would be a decision that unfortunately proved fatal. But it wasn't only Vance's death that made the incident shocking. It was the reaction of fellow shoppers.

Instead of offering help, or alerting the authorities, crazed customers were caught on film walking right past him and in some cases, stepping over his body as he collapsed to the floor following a series of heart problems. The lack of compassion caused outrage across the country, with Target workers unable to assist Vance because it was 'against company policy.'

8. The $2 Waffle Maker Fight

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Yes, you read that correctly. People physically harmed each other over a $2 waffle maker! Admittedly, everyone likes waffles, and to find a waffle maker for $2 is practically a steal, but it isn't worth coming to blows over. Unless you're a crazed Black Friday shopper...

In scenes of utter mayhem, people were fighting over these things, with the footage caught on camera looking like something from a wild jungle as opposed to a shopping centre occupied by humans.

9. Eager Teens Break Into An Urban Outfitters

YouTube/ Jerry Bailey

Okay, so maybe we can forgive the younger generation for being animalistic when it comes to finding a good deal, and if they want a cool jumper at an affordable price, we can't exactly fault them. But judging by this video, it seems they haven't mastered the art of patience.

Pitty the young people of today. 

10. A Shooting At a Crowded Toys 'R' Us Killed 2 Customers

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It's ironic that two adults were involved in a shooting at a kids' store, but when you're as childish as they are, that's hardly surprising. The argument, which took place at a store in Palm Desert, California, was spawned from an argument involving two women at the checkout counter.

The argument led to a massive fight between the two, at which point both husbands intervened- only this time with their guns. Inevitably, the shoot-up resulted in both being killed in an area known more for its affluence than for its crime.

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