Once Upon a Time In Hollywood Receives Standing Ovation

OMG May 22, 2019 By Hugo

Quentin Tarantino's latest movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood received a six-minute standing ovation according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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The esteemed auteur's ninth movie debuted at the Cannes film festival last evening, 25 years on from the screening of his debut movie, Pulp Fiction.

In a festival that was desperate for star power, Tarantino's long-awaited ode to 1960s Hollywood saw leading men Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and supporting actress Margot Robbie grace him on the red carpet in a movie that has already been awash with stellar reviews.

Following on from the standing ovation, Tarantino paid homage to his cast and crew, "To my wonderful actors, producers and the studio that helped me make this movie. Thank you for being such a fantastic audience, for the first time we ever showed it to an audience. See you on the Croisette!"

The eagerly anticipated movie sees two of Hollywood's biggest names acting alongside one another in Leonardo DiCaprio and  Brad Pitt, the former of whom makes a welcome return to the screen following his Oscar-winning turn in The Revenant.

Tarantino has said the film would be his penultimate release, having expressed his desires in previous interviews to pursue different creative pastures such as writing novels.

Ahead of the release, the director pleaded with reviewers and those lucky enough to grab a seat at the screening not give away any spoilers. Adding even more fuel to the hype train, Sony's Entertainment chief Tom Rothman told The Hollywood Reporter: "I hope the no spoilers holds up. It is the greatest fucking ending ever."

The 1969-set movie takes place over just 3 days and explores the relationship between a fledgeling TV actor (DiCaprio) and his stunt double (Pitt) as they attempt to find new meaning in an ever-changing industry.

The film had started life as a novel before Tarantino changed it to a screenplay.

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