This Kitty's Model Pose Is Absolutely Hilarious

LOL September 21, 2017 By Hugo

North Korea may be about to wage war on America and leave us all praying for our lives, but in more important news, a kitty has almost broken the Intenet for its effortless model pose, leading many asking: Could Vogue have their first kitty cover star?

Rumble/ fishi_and_kiwi

Okay, maybe satire isn't our strong point but isn't this video great? The moment its owner films its reaction, it doesn't flinch at all, and even when the owner hides for a few seconds, the same impenetrable gaze remains intact. 

You can tell the owner has a great bond with his feline friend, even if the cat's pose suggests that he needs to chill out because he should already know how effortlessly beautiful she looks every day of the week.

Check the video out below, and if you think your cat could strike a better pose, be sure to let us know in the comments section!

Rumble/ fishi_and_kiwi

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