20 Surprising Celebrities Who Are Actually Scientologists

FUN FACTS December 15, 2017 By Hugo

Everyone knows that Tom Cruise is a Scientologist and his career is synonymous with the religion, but there are a plethora of other celebrities who have also joined the church. Some even believe the church has helped them with their careers

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However, rather than shed further light on the much-maligned church we at OMG Lane have profiled 20 celebrities who, along with Hollywood heavyweights Tom Cruise and John Travolta, are or, at least were (or believed to have been), members of the Church of Scientology.

1. Michael Pena

Michael Pena has been one of Hollywood's foremost Latino actors ever since he came to prominence in the Paul Haggis movie, Crash. Now a viable leading man, the modest actor, in an interview with Britain's Guardian newspaper, claims his success isn't only down to his talent. 


Citing the Scientology programme Study Tech, Pena believes the programme helped him become a better actor after a period in his life which saw him regularly turn to drink. "(Study Tech) made me a better actor because I felt like it helped my understanding of scripts," he said. 

2. Beck

While Beck is arguably more known for being interrupted by Kanye West on stage at the 2015 Grammy Awards than he is for his virtuosity, he is also another one of Hollywood's high-profile Scientologists. 

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Speaking of the religion, the second-generation Scientologist believes he reaps "lots of benefits from it." 

3. Nancy Cartwright

Lending the voice to the much-loved Bart Simpson on Fox's The Simpson's, Nancy Cartwright has been known to use her famous Bart Simpson voice at Scientology rallies to encourage new members into joining the church. In one rally in Los Angeles, she loudly projected, "Yo, what's happenin' man, this is Bart Simpson."

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As an evangelical follower, the voice actress is thought to have given the church millions over the years.

4. Priscilla Presley

Elvis Presley's only wife Priscilla has long been an ardent follower of Scientology and often speaks publicly at its anti-psychiatry front group, CCHR. Scientologists are known for not believing in the use of prescription drugs and instead believe in the importance of natural energies.

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Long held in high esteem among senior church members, Presley has been rumoured to be plotting a coup against the religion's controversial leader, David Miscavige. 

Her daughter Lisa once labelled Scientologists "crazy criminal people." 

5. Jeffery Tambor

Jeffery Tambor admitted that he had taken a few Scientology classes in the past and devoted large parts of his day to studying the religion.

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Speaking about his experiences, the energetic actor said, "I took some Scientology classes for a while, but no more," he admitted. "I have nothing against it, but I am no longer a Scientologist." 

6. Jenna Elfman

The Dharma and Greg star is a devout Scientologist and has been for many years. She has also spoken at many of their key events and fundraisers, which included a 2005 appearance at the Scientology-backed Citizens Commission on Human Rights'.

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Quizzed previously about the religion's controversy, Elfman said, "I'm not going to listen to gossip and hearsay about something that's affected my life so tremendously in such a tremendously positive way. 

7. Jason Lee 

The pro-skateboarder and Hollywood actor is most known for his role as the ex-con turned do-gooder Earl Hickey in the 4-season NBC comedy 'My Name is Earl.' But until September 2016, Lee was also a famous member of the Church of Scientology.

His exit came after many relationship breakdowns caused from his alliance to the religion His first wife, the photographer  Carmen Llywelyn, blamed Scientology for their separation after Lee caught her reading the anti-Scientology book A Piece of Blue Sky. 

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The actor's second wife, the model and actress Ceren Alkac, also filed a divorce after not being able to cope with her husband's intense devotion to the Church.

Since Alkac filed for divorce, Lee left the church, with many seeing it as a last-ditch attempt at saving his marriage.

8.  Giovanni Ribisi

Co-starring alongside Jason Lee in My Name is Earl, and for his roles in the movies Saving Private Ryan and Avatar, Ribisi has long been open about his affiliation with the church while his twin sister Marrissa, who is married to Beck, is also a Scientologist. 

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In a 2014 interview, Ribisi was quick to defend the image of his religion and scoffed at the suggestion that aliens reside within the church. "I have never even heard of aliens in Scientology, and I've been a Scientologist all my life."

9. Neil Gaiman

The bestselling fantasy writer is no longer a Scientologist, but his family are. Speaking of his family's ties to the religion, he told the BBC, "As a child, I suppose I was as much a Scientologist as I was Jewish, which is to say it was the family religion." 

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Asked whether he was still practising Gaiman said he wasn't. The interview came years after he was first interviewed by the channel as a five-year-old when his family made headlines after they were forced to take Gaiman out of his school due to his father's links with the church. 

10. Laura Prepon

The Orange is the New Black star was converted to the religion by her ex-boyfriend Danny Masterson and has been practising ever since.

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In an interview with the Scientology magazine 'Celebrity Magazine' which features interviews with its most notable members, Prepon discussed how auditing, a practice in Scientology which aims to clear negative influences to heighten spiritual awareness, helped her in every aspect of her life.

"I feel a lot of the auditing that I’ve had helps me to be willing to go there and be free and vulnerable and really jump into these scenes wholeheartedly. There are days where it’s like, okay... let’s do this! And you have to drop all of your pre-conceived ideas, or mis-emotions, or being uncomfortable and just go there," she said.

11. Christopher Masterson

Perhaps most known for his role as Malcolm's older brother in Malcolm in the Middle, the TV star has been an ardent follower of the religion for some time.

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His younger brother Danny, star of That '70s Show, and parents Carol and Pete Masterson, are also Scientologists.

12. Danny Masterson

The other Masterson brother starred alongside best friend Ashton Kutcher in That '70s show but has in recent years become more known for his views on the religion than for acting credits.

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Speaking to Paper magazine, the actor, when asked about his involvement in the Church quickly went on a tirade about why Scientologists hate prescription drugs and the psychiatrists that prescribe them. "You will not find a Scientologist who does not f***ing hate psychiatrists,' the actor and DJ said. "Because their solution for mental and spiritual problems is drugs. So let's talk about putting a Band-Aid on something that's just going to get worse and worse and worse." 

13. Peaches Geldof 

The late daughter of Irish crooner and organiser of the iconic Live Aid event Bob Geldof was open about her devotion to the Church of Scientology and told British presenter Fearne Cotton that she 'needed a spiritual path.' 

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Tragically, Peaches was found dead at her home in the U.K after an accidental heroin overdose, aged only 25. 

14. J.D. Salinger

The reclusive author was known most for his iconic 1951 novel The Catcher in the Rye, but few know that he once dabbled in Scientology. 


In fact, the American writer tried his hands at Dianetics (a traditional set of practices in the church involving the metaphysical relationship between the mind and the body) and even met Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard before deciding to discontinue his association with the church.

15. Paul Haggis

The Oscar-winning writer and director used to be a passionate follower of Scientology until he decided that their beliefs didn't coincide with his. 

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One of the main differences between Haggis and the Church came down to California's Proposition 8, which the Church supported. If passed, the law would have banned same-sex marriage; something Haggis did not agree with.

16. Leah Remini 

Leah Remini is another person who has defected from the Church and his now of its most outspoken critics. The King of Queens star even released a memoir about her experiences, titling it 'Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology.'

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Speaking about her experiences in People Magazine, she was critical of the control the religion had on its members. "No one is going to tell me how to think," an impassioned Remini said. "No one is going to tell me who I can and cannot talk to."

17. Brad Pitt

While Scientology can boast Tom Cruise and John Travolta among their A-list ranks, they could have had another megastar if Brad Pitt's brief foray into the religion had turned into something more serious.

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In his early years as an actor, Pitt took a couple of classes in Scientology but is believed to have become disinterested following his split from then-girlfriend, Juliet Lewis.

18. Juliette Lewis 

Speaking of Juliette Lewis, Pitt's former flame continues to practice the religion and, like other members, isn't afraid to voice her opinions on America's reliance on prescription drugs.

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In one interview  she claimed that the mainstream media was funded by large-scale pharmaceutical companies and that, "when you have the biggest movie star in the world at the time- Tom Cruise- coming out against anti-depressants and Ritalin, they still brutalise him." 

19. Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry has made a successful career from poking fun at other people's lives via the medium of stand-up and television but Seinfeld admitted that his past hobbies were wacky. Speaking to The Today Show, the star admitted that he took a few courses in the religion before he became famous.

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"I did some Scientology courses about 30 years ago," the comedian confessed. "The only thing that bothers me about people knowing that is that it is not my complete wacko resumée. It’s just one aspect!"

20. Mimi Rogers

Out of all the church's ex-members, Mimi Rogers is perhaps the only defected member that isn't disliked due to her being the reason behind Tom Cruises' association with the religion.

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But as is the case with all three of Cruises' ex-wives, the other two being Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, Mimi Rogers left the church after her divorce from the megastar for reasons still unknown.

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