Stan Lee Has Cameo Role In Upcoming Avengers: Endgame

OMG March 21, 2019 By Hugo

The world mourned the loss of Stan Lee late last year, and many had presumed that his Captain Marvel cameo would be his last on-screen appearance. But it appears Stan will have one last cameo.

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Speaking to ET Online, Marvel president Kevin Feige confirmed that the cameo was filmed shortly before his death. 

He also hinted that there was a potential Lee cameo in Spider-Man: Far From Home. "We'll see. We shot a couple of others, so we're coming up on the last of them, yes."

Lee's last cameo was in Captain Marvel.  Acting alongside Brie Larson her character is at first hesitant around Lee, believing he may be a Skrull (ET shapeshifters) before quickly realizing who he is and smiling.

The film also started with a beautiful montage of all Lee's cameos over the years before ending with a glowing 'Thank you, Stan'.

Feige added, "It was soon after he passed, and we were thinking about what to do and how to do it and whether to release something or put something out online. And we figured, as we always have, the way to pay honor to him is the way we've been trying to do while he was alive, which is the movies.

"I had always thought in the back of my head, should that day ever come - which as I've previously said, I wasn't sure it would. Like, I envisioned him at 127 - that I would want something sort of touching and rousing up front, as opposed to sort of depressing at the end."

A leading pioneer in the comic book genre, Lee, along with co-creators Jack Kirby and artist Steve Ditko, would create some of the world's best-known superhero characters under their esteemed entertainment and media company, Marvel Universe. These included X-Men, the Incredible Hulk, Black Panther, and perhaps most famously of all, Spiderman, all of which have been adapted into lucrative films.

While Lee made a series of famous cameos in Marvel's adaptations, the legendary comic book writer valued his privacy, and in his later years, became somewhat of a recluse. Despite his increasing anonymity, Lee's impact on the entertainment world only grew, as reflected in the glowing tributes by fellow entertainers, many of whom worked on the Marvel movies.

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