Did The Simpsons Predict The Ruiz Jr Vs Anthony Joshua Fight?

LOL June 4, 2019 By Hugo

It was one of the biggest upsets in heavyweight boxing history. A night of boxing that stunned Madison Square Garden and the wider world. It was the outcome no one had predicted except the victor himself, Ruiz Jr; the new Heavyweight Champion of the World.


As Ruiz Jr jumped up and down in the centre of the ring, it signalled a fairytale ending to a match that looked to be nothing short of a formality for Britain's Anthony Joshua, who went into the game with a perfect 22-0 record. Joshua- arguably the brightest prospect in the heavyweight division since Mike Tyson- was in tatters, dismantled and ruined in 7 rounds of stunning boxing.

To say this came as a surprise to the casual fan is an understatement. Judging on aesthetics Ruiz's podgy body would suggest the complete opposite of a world-beater. Compared to Joshua's chiselled frame at least, anything but a loss for Ruiz seemed almost unthinkable, but to those with acute knowledge of the game, they'll tell you that fighting is a sport that is built on mental capacity as much as it is physical, and it seems the writers at The Simpsons knew this all too well.

Before the fight had even got underway, many had compared the unusual matchup to the Simpsons episode "The Homer They Fall" which sees the ever-obese Homer share a boxing ring with fictional fighter Drederick Tatum - a reasonably solid Mike Tyson parody.

What made the match even more of a "joke" was that Ruiz replaced a seemingly tougher opponent in the mould of Jarrell Miller following a failed drug tests.

And while Homer's strategy involved standing still and taking as many hits as possible in a bid to exhaust Tatum, it was still an impressive foreshadowing of Ruiz's underdog victory. Joshua looked exhausted, and by the seventh round, he could only lean on the ropes as the referee called off the fight. While Homer didn't beat Tatum you can certainly see why people have made the comic comparison.

Speaking after the fight, the ever-humble and gracious Joshua admitted, "I just got beat by a good fighter tonight. This is all part of the story and the journey. Fire at heart, boxer by trade.

"He done well, he done what he had to do. Congratulations to the first ever Mexican heavyweight champion. We'll bounce back.

"It's guts and glory, but this is all about the legacy and story. He's the champion for now."

It seems The Simpsons struck again with another act of spooky clairvoyance. Get these writers a pay rise! 

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