This Sheep Dog Rolling Down Snow Is All Of Us

LOL January 31, 2019 By Hugo

Dogs just want to have fun. Walks, food, playing in the snow... this is the stuff dog's live for, and Fingal is no exception to this canine truism.

With temperatures in many parts of America well below freezing, and with the snow out in full force, this Maremma/Pyrenees sheepdog takes full advantage of the slushy, icy spectacle and slides down the snow-dappled hill with all the joy in the world.

With his eyes beaming with joy, this amazing doggo makes full use of something that many so-called experts have been telling us is a hazard and something to avoid!

But it's human nature to explore our wild side and interact with a range of environments, which is why we could all learn a thing or two from this cute fluffball!

So if you find yourself in a snow-drenched wonderland and have a few days off work, get in touch with your wild side like Fingal and enjoy winter for what it is!

But before you get your gloves on check out the full video below. You'll be sure to have a massive smile on your face!


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