Seth Rogen's Daily Fix Of Marijuana Is The Least Surprising Thing You'll Hear All Year

Celebs May 3, 2019 By Hugo

Seth Rogen enjoys more than just a good old puff of Mary Jane. He's the antithesis of the middle-age bong-loving bro, only he's an A-lister actor with more money than he'll ever know what to do with.

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Yes, the comic actor has pretty much let his love for the green stuff define his roles, and the 37-year-old was more than open about his use of the drug on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

"I know you are not your characters, but you do enjoy the occasional marijuana cigarette, my understanding is...?" Colbert asked.

"Yeah, I smoke weed all day every day of my life," Rogen said.

Without endorsing this illicit recreational activity, we have to admit that it's pretty refreshing to see someone as openly honest as Rogen wax lyrical about something that makes him happy. If he's not hurting anyone, then it shouldn't matter.

When asked if he had ever smoked on set, Rogen joked, "For the last 20 years, exclusively."

In other words, Rogen has made millions playing a character who pretends to be stoned when he actually is stoned.... Wow, that's super trippy, bro.

Appearing to be more interested in Rogen's smoking habits than his actual skills as an actor, Colbert refused to shift topics and asked, "Do you ever want a snack in the middle of a scene?"

"There are scenes where you get to eat and that is a lovely thing," Rogen said.

"But yeah, I do smoke a lot of weed. Yes, I do actually enjoy weed in my personal life and on film."

Colbert then said, "So keep in mind, any movie we see you in, there's a fairly good chance that you're high."

"There's a 100 percent [chance], yeah," Rogen joked.

However, if Rogen wants to win an Academy Award as he reaches his inevitable midlife crisis, don't be surprised to see him ditch the green stuff and adopt a fully shaven, Queer Eye makeover as he portrays a deadbeat father coming to terms with the fact that he is a suburban douche who failed in his quest of becoming a world-famous lion tamer.

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