Ryan Reynolds Calls Out Fan Who Used His Quote In Yearbook

Celebs July 30, 2018 By Hugo

Ryan Reynolds has called a fan out who used one of his quotes for his high school yearbook.

High school graduate Mike had tweeted the actor in November asking him for a quote he could use in the yearbook, and to his surprise, the star suggested, "Satan is gonna take it from here."

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Fast forward 8 months and Mike took the actor's advice and can now look back on his yearbook with fond memories. Capturing a photo of the yearbook alongside the original tweet, Mike thanked "King" Reynolds for the help. "Finally got my yearbook. thank you, king."'

Proving he's one of the funniest- as well as nicest- guys in the business, Reynolds replied once more, this time tweeting, "Wall Street is gonna take it from here."

However, Ryan Reynolds's Twitter game had already been the talk of the social network before Mike publicly thanked him. In the lead-up to the four-year anniversary of leaked Deadpool footage, he tweeted that he was 'taking over the investigation' to find the culprit. 

The ever-humorous star probably knows deep down, however, that it was the footage- which proved a viral hit online- that ultimately persuaded studio heads to give Reynold's passion project the green light.

Many fans also believe Reynolds is in on his joke, with one tweeting, "Does his name rhyme with Bryan Breynolds?" Another tweeted: "Sure, keep searching! I think it's much closer than you think."

Following the "leaked" footage, and the subsequent success of the movies, the franchise has netted over $1 billion, and a third movie is in production following the astronomical, unforeseen success of the first two. 

As we always say on this website, never change Ryan!

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