PewDiePie Addresses Net Worth In Sweet Video About Hometown

Celebs April 4, 2019 By Hugo

Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie has revealed that his wealth is 'definitely' more than $20 million in a recent YouTube video.

Shutterstock/ Kathy Hutchins

The YouTuber, who has only recently been surpassed by the Indian media company T-Series for the accolade of the world's most subscribed channel, took to Google to see what the Internet's most popular PewDiePie searches were and inevitably, one of the most popular searches concerned his net worth.

The handsome Swede, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, boasts over 92m subscribers, and with such a large following comes a significant accumulation of wealth.

However, the humble star could only laugh at the public's constant fascination surrounding his wealth. He also questioned why the human race values wealth over core human values.

After reading a website which claimed he earns $3,400 (£2,600) per hour, he confessed: "I don't know exactly how much I make per day, but it doesn't seem too far off which is pretty crazy when you think about it.

He also messed around with his Google profile, and changed his reported 180cm height to 181cm and then laughed at the information regarding his "graphic novel."

Returning to the topic of his astronomical finances, he added, "Money is such an interesting topic for me because I obviously didn't start YouTube to make money. A sad thing I've learned is how much people value money in a way or at least the idea of money.

"People look at money as something undoubtedly good, it couldn't possibly be something negative to have money. You look at people who win the lottery and then having money fundamentally changes their whole life. Not just how they view life but how other people view them.

"That's a change in particular that I really want to protect and that's the reason why, in a way, I try to live 'modestly'. Obviously I don't but in considering how much I make I try to live modestly because I want to just live a normal life, I don't want the money to change my life. It's great to have put it can also become a problem." Sounds like a crying shame, mate.

After Googling 'What is PewDiePie's net worth?' he then revealed that his fiances are even bigger than the figures branded about by media outlets. "Ok, this one says $20 million, ok. I would say it's definitely more than that."

He continued, "These sites don't know how much we make so it's always kind of annoying when people accept these as face value, they're like 'oh my God he makes this much money, that's crazy'."

After getting all the money talk out of the way (because that's all you're interested in, isn't it?) he went on a virtual trip down memory lane and used Google Maps to give us an endearing tour around his hometown of Gothenburg.

Getting a tad emotional on us, Felix explained that he wasn't that popular at school and was known for enjoying his own company.

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