Pete Davidson Doesn't Take Kindly To Mac Miller Joke

Celebs February 28, 2019 By Hugo

Pete Davidson has had a terrible time of late. Not only did Ariana Grande break his heart and call off his engagement the poor soul also found himself in hot water when he made fun of a partially blinded vet during an ill-advised sketch on SNL.

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He also made fun of his former fiancé Ariana Grande joking that her fame increased after the Manchester bombing. However, Davidson appears to have his limits, and that seems to mean no jokes about Mac Miller.

The late star and former boyfriend of Grande was the subject of a nasty joke from the crowd. This came about after Davidson was interrupted in the middle of a joke which started with the sentence "So a funny thing happened to me recently in my friend died of a heart attack."

Before he could finish, an audience member shouted 'Mac Miller.' Visibly hurt, Davidson wasn't having any of it and was reported to have told the audience, "I'm serious. I'm going to leave [the stage].

"So if you want to hear the rest of the show, you'll point out to security who yelled so they can escort him out.

"If not, I'm going to leave right now. I'm not going to have any of that shit happening at my show."

It didn't take long before the culprit was identified and booted out.

Davidson then said, "And give him back his money. I don't want his money."

While we can't know for sure, it is likely that Ariana ended the engagement because of the devastating news of her former flame's death, so it's understandable that Davidson reacted the way he did.

Mac Miller, whose real name was Malcolm McCormick, died following a heart attack spawned from an accidental drug overdose.

While fans of the singer and the world of entertainment continue to mourn his loss, it is thought a posthumous album will be released.

American bass guitarist Thundercat and close friend of Miler seemed to confirm that he had already wrapped up an album before his death: "I was there when he recorded it. Blew my fucking mind."

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