Paul Rudd Shares Secret For Looking Young

LOL March 28, 2019 By Hugo

If ever there was a secret for looking young, we'd probably turn to some mystical healer in L.A., right?

Shutterstock/ Kathy Hutchins

In the fabled land of fame and fortune, there's always some expert claiming you can look 20 years younger by taking a magical green smoothie, but if you want the true secret to youthful effervescence, there's no better person to ask than the baby-faced actor Paul Rudd.

Despite being on the cusp of 50, the American actor revealed during a reunion of the Clueless cast at Chicago's Comic & Entertainment Expo that the secret lies beneath his heart: "I'm 80 years old on the inside," he said. "In here, pure darkness - and a little moisturiser."

This hasn't been the first time Rudd has been quizzed on his youthful looks.

When appearing on The Graham Norton how in 2017, the Irish talk show host compared a photo of his college days to one of present day and said, "Honestly, it is weird. You don't seem to age," Graham said to Rudd.

Rudd then got all humble on us and joked: "I feel awful on the inside."

He then made light of his eye-catching hair. "I remember taking that picture, and I worked on my hair - I worked on that.

"I was greatly inspired by Michael Hutchence, who was my hero at the time, and I think I tried to blow it dry and it came off looking a little more Bon Jovi than I anticipated."

It seems Rudd has got to a stage where he can't even so much as present the Best Visual Effects gong at the Oscars and get people talking about his boyish looks on social media.

Attracting a ton of hilarious responses, one Twitter user seemed to think that he made a deal with the devil for a lifetime's supply of moisturiser.

Another joked, "Paul Rudd seems so nice for a guy that obviously bathes in virgin's blood to stay young."

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