Owner Brings Home Puppy, Dog Gets Insanely Jealous

LOL May 3, 2019 By Hugo

Some dogs are pretty chill and simply want to be fed, loved and walked. But then there are dogs like Bagira the Great Dane who get green with jealousy the moment their owner pets a new member of the clan!


Jealousy is something we all get consumed by at times because as human beings we all want to feel validated and appreciated. However, Bagira seems to have serious attachment issues as just the sight of its owner with another dog.

Captured on camera, owner Lindsey Heinz is seen picking up her new puppy before Bagira's towering frame engulfs her. “I can pet him too...It's not all about you" she says.

But Bagira doesn't budge. He puts his hind legs and front paws on Lindsey, so much so that he's almost standing as tall as her. “You are so dramatic!" Lindsey says.

Mommy's new favorite can only watch on as its jealous older brother claws for attention until Lindsey finally manages to break free.

Watch the hilarious footage below and let us know in the comments if any of your dogs have suffered similar bouts of envy!


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