Oasis Front Man Reveals Insane Drinking Abilities

Celebs June 18, 2019 By Hugo

To say Liam Gallagher has lived the rock n' roll lifestyle is an understatement. From the drugs and booze to the sex and the fights with his no brother no less, the Oasis frontman is undoubtedly a character.

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And while he is approaching his 50th birthday, his latest interview proves that his hedonistic days may not be over quite yet.

According to The Sun newspaper, Gallagher revealed he could drink up to 30 pints in one night in an upcoming documentary called As It Was.

But that's not the half of it. The loud-mouthed lout also said he tried to sniff his own skin.

"I had psoriasis and people thought it was cocaine. People thought I was scratching it off my head and snorting it and rubbing it on my gums and shit. So I thought I'd give it a go. But it did nothing for me," he recalled.

Explaining why he usually opts for at least more than just one drink, he revealed that there is some method to his madness when speaking to Radio 2 in 2017.

"Another thing that does my nut in is people who turn around and go, 'you coming out for a beer? And you go, 'na, na, na I'm tryin' to be good'. And they go, 'just come for one'.

"What is the point of going for one? You know what I mean? They're just trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Who ever has one?

"I'm gonna get up, put my clothes on, meet you in the boozer, 'Alright man, how's it going? Aw your dog died'. You gotta listen to that, then you have the beer and that's it?

"If we're going out we're going to have hundreds, you know what I mean? ... One... You're gonna have at least 10 aren't ya, you're not going to have one."

Never change, Liam. 

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