Miley Cyrus Speaks Out On Upcoming Black Mirror Episode

OMG June 4, 2019 By Hugo

Miley Cyrus has revealed what attracted her to acting in one of the upcoming episodes of Black Mirror.

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The Wrecking Ball hitmaker and actress will appear in the fifth series of the Netflix dystopian series alongside a string of other high-profile names including the American movie star Anthony Mackie. 

Miley will appear in the episode, 'Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too', a story which sees a computer-automated deskside robot befriend a malleable teenage girl. Describing the episode as a "realistic take" on the music industry, Cyrus will know from experience, having been a star since her days as Disney's Hannah Montana, that the pitfalls of fame can often outweigh the positives.

"I think it’s an important story that needs to be told, such a realistic take on what it’s like working in the music industry," she said in an interview with the Guardian.

"It really portrays the overt exploitation of artists and that numbers usually eclipse the creative most of the time."

One of three episodes airing tomorrow on Netflix, the series is thought to be a throwback to Black Mirror's first ever season.

Talking to Digital Spy, creator Charlie Brooker said that the standalone interactive movie Bandersnatch affected how the direction of season 5.  "It just made more sense to do it as a standalone thing.

"So, we decided to complete 'Bandersnatch' and put that out first, then release the remaining three stories, because they're a good compliment to each other... and it's what we always used to do in ye olden days!"

However, if fans are hoping for more nightmarish, tech-fuelled nihilism, they may be disappointed. 

Speaking at a press junket, Brooker said that there would be "more humor than usual" and that it might " piss some people off."

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