Snoop Dogg Leaves $521k At Nightclub Venue

OMG April 4, 2019 By Hugo

An owner of a U.K. nightclub has said that the West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg left behind almost $521,000 in cash back in 2014 when he did a DJ-set.

Shutterstock/ Tinseltown

George Sloan says Snoop played at his venue in the English coastal city of Exeter back in 2014 but left behind a bag with wads of cash after going to stay at a nearby hotel.

Sloan says that he looked inside the bag and found stacks of notes inside, more than he had likely ever seen before.

The owner said, "They said 'we've left a large rucksack upstairs behind the DJ box, could we come and pick it up?

"I said I'd left for the night, but I'd see if I could arrange for someone to go and have a look.

"Snoop Dogg had played the night before at Boardmasters in Newquay as part of a mini-tour we'd organised and he usually insisted that he's paid in cash.

"So, there was this bag which we just assumed had the usual in it, but what we didn't realise was that it had all the money he had been paid from the events he had played so far.

"I reckon there must have been around £300,000-400,000 in there. I could have retired that night"

He added that the world famous rapper couldn't have been nicer: "Snoop was the most laid back person I think I have ever met.

''I spent about 20 minutes with him and all I got was 'cool'. The evening was 'cool', the club was 'cool', the crowd was 'cool'.

"He posed for photographs and signed autographs. There was nothing outrageous on his rider, just a specific type of gin. He was very charming."

Snoop then proved he was a generous gentleman as well as a polite one when he offered George the chance to fly with him on a private plane to the Cannes Film Festival.

For some unknown reason, George declined. 

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