Justin Bieber Does Press-Ups In The Hood

Celebs November 6, 2018 By Hugo

Breaking down is never fun, especially when you're driving through a rough part of town, so spare a thought for pop star Justin Bieber, whose Range Rover Evoque broke down in a crime-ridden section of Los Angeles. 

Shutterstock/ Debby Wong

In a place far removed from the glitz and glamour of the Hills, the hitmaker found himself in the Watts neighbourhood of Los Angeles. But instead of hiding in his car as many sheltered celebrities might have, the Biebs engaged with surprised locals by doing over 20 press-ups as he waited for a pickup truck to remove his car.

The 24-year-old's press-up count clocked in at an impressive 20 before he turned things up a notch and displayed a couple of clapping press ups- much to the delight of his newfound audience.

But Bieber wasn't done. He also played basketball with a crowd of kids just days after serenading his manager Scooter Braun at his birthday bash.  Awh. 

The Biebs playing sports with strangers, is, however, nothing new. In North London, he surprised local school children by joining them for a local soccer match, just going to show what a top guy he actually is.


However, for those wondering how a global megastar worth $260m can drive a car that is capable of breaking down in an area that just happens to be one of the roughest neighbourhoods in L.A. is possible, then you might have an easier time believing the claims of anti-racism campaigner and strategist Tariq Nasheed, who claimed the whole thing was simply a publicity stunt to raise funds for a church he supports.

"They are spreading a fake scenario that #JustinBieber was chilling' in 'the hood' in LA because his car broke down. That's 100% false," Tariq tweeted.

"A church group organized this PR stunt for Bieber to take photo ops down in Imperial Courts. They had to throw a little money around to get a pass".

Still, that claim didn't stop one user tweeting back, "Whatever the reason, they look like they enjoyed his company. Black folks was not given any money from what I know and its them I was referring to enjoying Bieber's company."

Publicity stunt or not, we're glad to see Justin living life like a normal human being, a way of the life he appears to be craving more and more as the surreal nature of celebrity penetrates deeper into his answerless, unfulfilled soul.

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