Justin Bieber Faces Backlash Over Pregnancy Hoax

Celebs April 4, 2019 By Hugo

Oh Justin, what have you done now? Well, the Internet doesn't like him very much after he took to Instagram on April Fool's Day to share a fake photo of wife Hailey's sonogram to his 100m+ Instagram following.

Instagram/ Justin Bieber

Despite the famous day being one associated with pranks and lies, the Beliebers seemed so swept up from the elixir of their Justin being a dad that they didn't once question the authenticity of the news.

And while there were, of course, a few who could see right through him, he then uploaded another convincing picture of his wife in a chair hooked up to an IV drip with medical professionals and the caption, "If U thought it was April fools", so we can totally understand why they believed it.

However, a media storm quickly ensued when Hailey commented below the picture, writing "very funny." 

The 25-year-old then went one step further and posted a picture of the same sonogram only with a dog's head, spawning further bouts of hate and criticism. 

Instagram/ Justin Bieber

One person made it clear that this wasn't a joke so much as an insensitive, immature prank. "Justin Bieber April fooled about Hailey being pregnant? No thought whatsoever of the 1 in 4 women who have miscarried and the 1 in 8 who are infertile and can't have children at all? I don't see the humour in that, to be honest."

Another added: "I don't know if this is an April fool's joke but if it is, it's disrespectful for you to fake Hailey being pregnant. There are literally women who are desperate to get pregnant, can't get pregnant at all, and suffered through miscarriages. Please have some respect."

Taking to Instagram shortly after the media storm, Bieber stressed that it was never his intention to offend.

"There’s always gonna be people offended, there’s also people who don’t take jokes very well, I am a prankster and it was APRIL FOOLS. I didn’t at all mean to be insensitive to people who can’t have children. A lot of people I know, their first go to prank on April fools is telling their parents they are pregnant to get a big reaction.

"But I will apologize anyway and take responsibility and say sorry to people who were offended. I truly don’t want anyone to be hurt by a prank.. it’s like when I shoved cake in my little sisters face for her birthday expecting her to laugh but she cried. You sometimes just don’t know what will hurt someone’s feelings not to compare pregnancy with cake in the face but it’s just to paint the picture of not knowing what will offend. Some might have laughed but some were offended .. I think With pranks u sometimes have to roll that dice. #prankster #dennisthemenace #sorry#truly"

The news comes after the world famous pop star recently revealed to Vogue in a front cover story with his wife that he waited until marriage to sleep with Hailey. 

Despite sharing an on-off romance earlier in their careers, the two remained close friends until Justin Bieber split with Selena Gomez and rekindled his romance with the blonde beauty.

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