Judi Dench's Grandson Looks Like Ed Sheeran & The Internet Can't Handle It

Celebs May 22, 2019 By Hugo

Dame Judi Dench has long been heralded as one of the greatest British actresses of all time, but it appears she has competition in the fame stakes from none other than her red-haired grandson.

Instagram/ Sam Williams

Sammy Williams bears an uncanny resemblance to the world's most famous redhead, Ed Sheeran. Sharing the same face shape, dishevelled facial hair, and wispy red hair, Wiliams, who works at a casting agency, is often mistaken for the Shape of You hitmaker in the streets. 

When Ed Sheeran was aware of Sammy's look, he invited the 21-year-old to act as his stunt double, but according to his grandmother, he's happy to continue working at the casting agency.

‘He gets mobbed. Now he looks like him even more so," Dench told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, before adding that he doesn't wish to use his physical resemblance to the singer to further his career.

‘Sammy refuses to do that, he’s very good,’ the legendary actress added.

Of course, Ed Sheeran lookalikes are nothing new. In fact, the Internet seems to find these fair-skinned, wavy-haired gingers every other day. But in fairness, we think Sammy is the best one yet.

Away from doppelgangers, 2019 is already shaping up to be an important year for the singer. His latest single with Justin Bieber, I Don't Care, is already riding high at number one on the Billboard 100.

He is also appearing in Danny Boyle's latest movie, All You Need Is Love in his most prominent acting role to date.

Speaking to the Associated Press, Sheeran said, "I got to actually kind of learn how to act. With the Game of Thrones thing, that was literally me popping in for a day and making a cameo.

"Or Bastard Executioner was me popping in for a day. But this was like full days on set, like full 12-hour days."

The main character, played by the British actor Himesh Patel, plays a singer/songwriter who wakes up to find that he's the only person with any knowledge of the Beatles. Still with us? Well, the crux of the plot will see Himesh's character invited on tour with Sheeran, where the story supposedly unfolds from there.

"They shot it around loads of my gigs," Sheeran said. "So it was a very intense two months. Because I would have four days of gigging and then three days of shooting a film.

"I was playing myself, so I don't think I was that bad. There wasn't much to mess up."

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