Jason Momoa Attacked By Internet Trolls For "Dad Bod"

OMG July 12, 2019 By Hugo

Taking your shirt off on the beach can be a daunting task for young men in an age where social media and advertising behemoths bombard us with images of toned and tanned physiques. This standardized image of beauty leads many men to feel downcast that they don't live up to this image, and it can sometimes ruin the pleasures of a beach holiday altogether.

Instagram/ US Weekly

However, even Hollywood celebrities are picked on for not looking a certain way, and that includes Jason Momoa of Aquaman fame.

Often labelled the hunkiest man alive, Momoa was enjoying a well-earned rest when a paparazzo pictured him looking slightly less toned than usual. 

Unfortunately, this led many social media users to ask, "what happened to the abs?" 

One troll even described his slightly-less-than lean physique as a "dad bod."

But fans of 39-year-old soon stepped in to defend everyone's favorite deep sea superhero. 

"So apparently people are shaming Jason Momoa's Dad bod... you know the body where he looks like an above average fit man instead of a Spartan Warrior?" wrote one user.

Another wrote: "All the haters wish they looked half as good."

One Twitter user went one step further in the unfair criticism levied against the star, writing, "That is most definitely NOT a dad bod. And even if he did have a dad bod, no on is allowed or worthy enough to 'shame' Jason Momoa because he is Jason Momoa.

"Also there's nothing wrong with a dad bod! Body shaming is gross."

Well said. 

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