Instagram Model Deletes Account Following Insensitive Post

OMG June 18, 2019 By Hugo

Is there anything more narcissistic than Instagram? Probably not. Most only use the photo-sharing platform to impress others and claw back some much-needed self-worth after scrolling through countless profiles of beautiful and successful people.

Instagram/Natalie Schlater

Still, we buy into this false narrative and attempt to have our egos stroked every time we capture that Insta-worthy holiday snap that Cara Delevingne would be proud of.

Of course, Instagram being shallow is nothing new, as this latest story of a Swedish influencer posing in an Indonesian rice field proved.

But rather than receiving her usual praise and rush of endorphins that come with having 12,000 online followers, influencer Natalie Schlater received a backlash after she posted a scantily clad photo of herself in bikini bottoms looking out onto the pastoral landscape as a rice worker works the fields.

At first, the photo appears to be relatively harmless, but it was the caption that incensed users.

It read: "Thinking about how different my life is from the man picking in the rice field every morning."

It wasn't long before users came down hard on the 'narcissistic' Swede.

Instagram/Natalie Schlater

One person eloquently wrote in the comments "The rice farmer is probably more content with their life though and not the status chasing like the rest of us."

Another wrote, "From an 'influencer' just sounds like a little humble brag to me."

Whilst the model may have been misunderstood, she did have her chance to rectify her comments on BoredPanda.

"It breaks my heart to see this photo turned into a different light than it was originally meant to be," she said.

"I have always loved the Indonesian people and their culture and overall attitude towards life and the people who come to visit their country.

"I worked extremely hard to save up enough money to go on that trip as I do not come from wealth as it may look like from social media."

"I completely understand that my caption can be taken wrong because of the social climate we live in today and if I could go back in time I wish I would have just worded it differently."

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