Hugh Jackman Receives Guinness World of Record Award

Celebs February 21, 2019 By Hugo

Hugh Jackman is just one of those annoyingly handsome men who can do anything. From being a classically trained actor to wowing our socks off as a singer and dancer, Jackman's most exceptional quality isn't even all his attributes as a performer- it's that he's also a top class bloke.

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So if anyone in Hollywood deserves a Guinness World Record it's Jackman, who was awarded the coveted accolade for his 16 years of service as Wolverine, or as the Gunniess World of Record put it, 'the longest career as a live-action Marvel superhero'.

Jackman shares the record with the British thespian Sir Patrick Stewart, who also made his debut in the Marvel superheroes movie X-Men (2000) as Professor Charles Xavier and most recently in Logan (2017).

For someone of Hugh Jackman's calibre, you'd think this would be yet another award to add to his illustrious cabinet, but beyond any acting merits, Jackman admitted that this award fulfilled a childhood dream he had since he was 10-years-old.

So badly did he want a Guinness World Record, he and his brother attempted the 'longest marathon playing badminton, singles' record. 

"My brother and I thought - badminton, you don't have to play it hard, two nights without sleep - we can definitely do that. When I was a kid, the Guinness Book of Records was it."

Speaking about his feelings after being presented with the award 40 years on, he exclaimed, "That's it, I've made it. This is why I got into showbiz, thank you."

The GWR representative even joked that Jackman and his brother should try again at breaking the badminton record.

"When I did make my surprise entrance, you could see that Hugh was genuinely thrilled to hear the news and receive the certificate.

"He was also extremely charming and, after the filming, he was more than happy to pose for photos and chat about his love of GWR. I'd read a few years ago that he and his brother were big fans of the book when growing up, so I knew he'd be excited to find out that he'll be appearing in the 2020 edition.

"I've met hundreds of record holders over my 16 years at GWR, and each time I get a kick out of being able to celebrate their achievements.

"So congratulations again, Hugh, and don't forget that you - and your brother - are welcome to pop into the office any time you want to try for another record.

"PS: the badminton marathon record is a 'mere' 25 hours... just saying."

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