Can You Guess The Net Worth Of These Celebrities?

Quizzes September 18, 2018 By Hugo

Celebrities live the life we've always dreamed of living. The admiration of diehard fans. The expensive homes. The plush cars. The yachts. The private jets. It's a fairytale life, and even if you're not someone who values wealth and fame, you've probably closed your eyes and imagined what it would be like to walk down your local high street as Justin Beiber or Beyonce at least once.

Shutterstock/ Everett Collection

Of course, the life of a celebrity is by no means perfect, with a loss of privacy and normality being two things many A-listers will never get back. However, with extraordinary net worths, these celebrities will never have to work another day in their life. Some are so rich their wealth has almost surpassed the $1bn mark!

Take our quiz below to see if you can guess just how wealthy some of Hollywood's most famous stars are.

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