Golden Retriever's Hilarious Reaction To Toy Frog Will Melt Your Heart

LOL June 18, 2019 By Hugo

We love posting clips of so-cute-you-could-squish them dogs, so much so that we don't hesitate to write about everything and anything dog related- including a golden retriever barking at a toy frog.

Rumble/ Newsflare

The brilliant moment was captured at a home in Holland, Amersfoort as their pet pooch comes to terms with a possible new pet entering the home.

Appearing none the wiser to what is simply a toy frog, the golden sweetheart doesn't quite know how to react and barks and jumps whenever the toy leaps from the ground.

At one point, the adorable dog is lying flat on the floor, tail wagging like a puppy as it awaits the frog's next move.

Watch the hilarious clip below and let us known in the comments if your dog has a favorite toy it loves to play with!

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