Genius Bull Dog Works Out Ice Machine And Can't Get Enough Of It

LOL April 4, 2019 By Hugo

Meet Tank, the lovable Bull Dog who has an unusual addition to ice!

Rumble/ TMH2017

He can't seem to get enough of it and loves nothing more than to balance on his hind legs and wave his paw over the machine's sensor in a bid to get as much of that icy goodness as possible.

When the light blue emits a strong glow, Tank knows he's in for a treat and laps up the ice by swallowing it like a hyperactive child gobbling down a pack of Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles.

What makes this clip even more hilarious is the second dog, who waits with trepidation as his clever friend unlocks the key to a lifetime's supply of ice.

Watch the funny clip below and be sure to share it with your friend if you feel they need a bit of Tank (and ice) in their lives!


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