30 Funny Photos That Will Put You In The Right Mood For 2019

LOL January 10, 2019 By Hugo

Many people will tell you that there's no better way of starting the new year than by sticking to a new set of goals and being a better version of yourself than the previous year. However, even the select few who stick to their new year's resolutions will tell you that being optimistic and go-getting isn't as easy as it sounds, and rather than be a time of optimism, the beginning of January can often bring with it a whole host of fears and anxieties.


Yes, the January Blues affects millions of us, and with the festive season well and truly over, returning to work in the dark, cold winter can feel horrible. But with laughter, anything can be overcome. So don't you worry, we've got just the cure. 

Read on below as we compile a list of photos that will be sure to put a smile on your face on your return to work.

1. Did someone order fries?


While we are all privy to a tasty, salt-tastic bag of McDonald's fries, these group of friends took it to the next level with this whopper of an order! 

No doubt tripling their recommended daily salt intake in one sitting, at least they can take solace in the fact that they made sure their order was easy to remember for the server.

2. Keeping it old school


How cute and silly is this? If I ever reach this age, I'll be just as carefree as these two lovebirds and not give a second thought to parading around town on a toy horse.

This is what life is about. If you don't take it too seriously, life will give you a good hand.

3. When virtual reality is cooler than life


We are all are guilty of indulging ourselves with many mediums of escapism, with streaming services like Netflix allowing us to get lost in other fictional worlds for hours on end. However, technology is now so advanced you can simply put on a pair of high tech goggles, and you're in a world which you can control yourself.

And judging by this man, he seems to be much less lonely because of it!

4. Nice trainers!


Here is one of the most random, but hilarious photos you'll see all day. Ladies and gentleman, we present to you a rooster in sneakers.

Legend has it he is still wearing them.

5. When you've had enough of Instagram culture


This is probably a sign- albeit a grammatically incorrect one- most market stall vendors would like to put up to ward off those whose only interest is to take photos for their Instagram stories and caption it, "cheese iz lyfe."

What a funny world we live in.

6. "Good doggy!"


If there were any words to describe this photo, it would be cute and terrifying! 

I mean, this German Sheppard won't hesitate to do severe damage to you if you find yourself in a sticky situation, but it's still adorable... especially when officers dress it up in their very own gear!

7. Ruling the roost


Now here's a chicken....coming out of a toilet seat. Yup, life is beyond strange. But heck, if you can't laugh at this what can you laugh at?! Some people may have too much time on their hands, but if they create stuff like this then I'm all for people being creative with their boredom.

All the more power to the chickens living in toilets!

8. Skatin' granny


I don't know about you, but I can confirm that my grandma would never be seen dead holding a skateboard. Heck, she probably doesn't even know what a skateboard is!

So kudos to this senior woman for keeping it real in old age. We could all learn from this gangsta granny!

9. That's one cool internet connection 


Some people, as the adage goes, really do have too much time on their hands. But it's funny, so we're not going to criticize these creative geniuses. 

Besides, this guy likely has the coolest computer in the world. 

And the world's worst pun goes to...

10. Hungry, much?


This voracious goldfish pretty much sums up how we all feel when we're about to tuck into a tasty dinner after hours of working on an empty stomach.

Yes, love can cure many things. But a nice plate of food as you watch your favorite television show is a feeling that comes a pretty close second.

11. Room for one more?


Okay, before we question the weirdness of this photo, we have to ask how a pigeon even managed to set foot in this couple's room?! Unless they have a pet pigeon, which would be even weirder, this photo is surely a lesson in the importance of keeping your windows closed at night!

You know, just in case a pigeon tries to become the 3rd wheel in your marriage. 

12. Playing for the fans


Musicians get all the love, don't they? From screaming groupies to the praise of the most respected people in the world, playing an instrument is a surefire way to boost your credibility, and it seems that cats are no different in this line of thinking.

Yes, this young virtuoso has learned fast. He's even getting kitties on their hind legs! What more could he do?!

13. When you do bbq the old school way


How is this bbq even working? Well, through fire, that's why. Yes, long, long ago, we did just fine without the fancy grills and roasting skewers, so kudos is for this ingenious meat lover for using just a trolley to roast these bad boys.

George Foreman, your grills are no longer of service.

14. Saudi Arabian princes only want the best for their hawks


Don't you just hate it when a child keeps kicking the back of your seat? Or if the person sitting next to you keeps nodding off and resting their head on your shoulder? Still, sharing a plane with strangers is just part of life unless you're incredibly wealthy, which is often the case of Saudi princes, one of whom purchased 80 tickets for his exotic fleet of hawks.

If you have the money, why not?

15. Making the most of your casket


Most of us don't want to entertain the idea of buying a coffin because it would remind us of our eventual demise, but it seems one family had the ingenious idea of purchasing one and using it as an entertainment device.

How cool!

16. "Don't mind us, nothing to see here"


People are strange. There's no getting away from this fact, and no matter how ordinary we may appear in public, we all transform back to our weirdest selfs the moment we step foot in our abodes. But are we as strange as these guys?

Unless you have a makeshift pool in your kitchen too, then I think not.

17. Popping out to say hello


How on Earth is this possible? It appears as though a small hole has been carved in the back of the boot to give the pooch more space, and in fairness, it seems like a pretty cool invention.

We're not exactly sold on the health and safety of this invention, though....

18. It's raining.....turkeys?


If you've ever seen Paul Thomas Anderson's classic movie, Magnolia, you'll probably remember the famous frog scene which sees thousands of them fall from the sky. But this is just as creepy.

Life is strange at times.

19. The glass wedding


Well, this is weird! But I suppose you could say every photo in this article has been odd. So here's another one of a photobomber ruining a rather unusual wedding.

By the looks of it, this could very well be a rubbish wedding... literally. 

20. Beans o'clock


Imagine having so much time on your hands that you took time out of your not-so-eventful day to fill a clock with a can of beans?!

Some people.... It is kind of funny though!

21. Airports: Driving middle-aged housewives insane 


If airports introduced sleeping pods, we think passengers would be much happier. Poor woman!

22. Sleeping under eye-catching blankets; do not disturb


This looks awfully silly, but at least it's an upgrade on newspapers. If you're going to master the art of sleeping in airports, then this photo should certainly be in the instruction manual.

23. When desperate times call for desperate measures


Or you can just be like this woman and not give a damn about passing strangers. Sleep is important!

24. "Stand still for just one more second!"


Okay, this is way too cute! I mean just look at these fluffballs, waiting patiently for their owners to capture them in all their cuteness as the winds attempt to blow them back to the adorable doggy kingdom they came from. 

25. On-air reporters can be appreciated as well as ridiculed- just not in the ways they'd like


When reporter Charley Belcher of FOX13 was assigned reporting duties outside the sea lion section of the Mote Marine Aquarium, little did he realize that two sea lions would take such an interest in his work.

Belcher laughed the incident off, and we're glad he did as it showed what a true professional he is! A man for any occasion, Belcher is a fearless journalist if ever there was one!

26. Reporter Brad Wills freaks out over a bug


Men are such wusses, aren't they? Reporting on what appeared to be a serene and peaceful stretch of coastline in San Diego, FOX 5 reporter Brad Wills suffered quite the shock when what seemed like a flying bug interrupted his report.

Realising how unprofessional he looked, Wills asked, "Was that live? Are we live? Oh, brother..." Speculation as to what the intruder was was rife, with one reporter suggesting that “Brad was just attacked by either a large bug or a small drone!"

27. Say cheese bite!"


Some dogs are well behaved and will do anything for you so long as you feed and walk them. Others, however, don't see to care much for rules and will do just about anything to ruin that family photo your grandma insisted you all take because she'll probably drop dead in 4 months time.

28. Me, my dog and a creepy bunny


This guy clearly loves his dog, so he'd thought he go and get a professional (ish) photoshoot with his lovable mutt. However, wherever he intended to have a sinister bunny lurking in the background is unknown. Hopefully, he's still alive. 

29. Breaking News: News Anchor Transforms Into Pig


The role of a newscaster is a serious one, and as well as making sure you read succinctly, you have to look the part too. But no one looks good when your face is hidden underneath the headline's caption.

What made it worse was the headline itself: 'Pigs Running Wild', which inevitably had an accompanying photo of a pig. But who knows? Maybe it wasn't an accident. Maybe the guy working in graphics meant it? I guess we'll never know.

30. One happy child


We couldn't finish this article of funny photos without including one of a child being silly and adorable all at the same time.

What use he serves as a stocking isn't yet known, but we can bet your bottom dollar that he probably prefers being a stocking to doing his weekly algebra homework! 

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