30 Of The Funniest Gym Fails

LOL April 2, 2019 By Hugo

Whether it's newbies trying to lose their post-Xmas flab or seasoned regulars demonstrating bizarre techniques in the weights section, gyms can make for entertaining spectacles at times.

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Indeed while many gym goers may flaunt their toned stomachs to their 50-odd Instagram followers, some people use their phones to capture people doing all kinds of weird things with the equipment. Here are some brilliant examples.

1. The woman who rocked heels in the gym

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Being individual and embracing your inner-self is something everyone should advocate, but practicality over vanity is a must in gyms, but this woman attempting a set of deadlifts clearly doesn't think so.

Still, if her ankles can handle the strain, we're sure they'll be just as toned as her amazing intellect.

2. I see girls!

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It's common knowledge that gyms are full of pretty women, many of whom are single, and this reality gives dudes enough courage to go up to them and pretend to take an interest in their squatting technique. Well, that or they just end up gawking at them!

Even if you're supporting your good friend on a heavy set of bench pressing, if a pretty girl walks by, it's obviously a guy thing to look no matter what.

3. A sugary incentive

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This is just plain dumb. Yes, this sugary, cholesterol-plagued incentive to finish a workout and eat a Krispy Kreme after has some logic to it, but by encouraging this sort of carrot and stick approach to exercise, it actually defeats the whole point of going to a gym in the first place!

Sure, you can encourage a few people to sign up, but going to the gym with the incentive of eating junk straight after is undoubtedly a backward way of thinking. Well, unless you prioritize Krispy Kremes over abs, which in fairness, is entirely understandable. 

4. A sky-high endorphin rush

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Going full throttle on an incline machine can make your brain become engulfed with an endorphin rush akin to reaching the top of Everest. However, in this guy's case, his rush no doubt left him coming straight back down to reality.

Not only is this incredibly embarrassing, but it's also hilarious, and just goes to prove that you should always sound out your surroundings before giving your all to an exercise. Otherwise, you'll end up like this poor dude!

5. The funniest gym face of all time?

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Let's face it: gym faces are the funniest sights ever. They look so pained and awkward, and bere similar resemblances to women giving birth, so it's always an easy giggle when we see one of these photos go viral. However, what the hell is the guy in the background doing?!

By the looks of it, he's impressed with his nipple, which is unusual as there doesn't seem to be much information online on nipple exercises.

6. Juggling vanity with fatherhood

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Most fathers begin to pile on the pounds when they realize that their free time no longer exists, and that can be incredibly hard to stomach for gym lovers, but for the ingenious, juggling two things at once isn't a problem.

That said, we wouldn't advise doing this at home. Seriously. 

7. Segway treadmill woman

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We get it: Exercise is tedious! Still, if we do it a couple of times a week, we look considerably better, but this woman just can't bring herself to begin running!

But hold on! She has a...Segway. Of course, now it all makes sense!

8. You can drink cocktails and still look great...

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It's understandable that quasi-gym goers want to drink cocktails and do as little exercise as possible, but doing that means you still have to do some training.

Nonetheless, by merely going to a gym and indulging in a cheeky martini, you are still technically a gym-goer. Let that sink in...

9. Superhero work ethic

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This guy really does play the role of the superhero! Taking his love for the DC creation to the next level, Gotham City's famous resident is just like the rest of us and goes to the gym to do some serious running.

So if you feel the need to let it all out, go all Batman on yourself and hit the running machines!

10. This man's really strong... oh, wait!

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Don't be fooled! While you may initially have been impressed with this guy's heavy lifting, he's actually lifting a barbell with two 20kg plates, which is still impressive, but nothing compared to what he intends us to believe.

If you haven't already noticed, the mirror behind clearly shows the guy lifting two 20kg plates and nothing else, despite the doctored image showing him lifting around 3x that! How embarrassing!

11. The best gym buddy ever?

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We all like to have a friend accompany us to the gym to make it that little less boring, but what if we had a pug to go with us EVERY DAY?!

It would be pretty sweet, as this guy will probably attest! 

12. The irony

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Only in America can you have 24-hour access to a gym all while being aided by a frickin' elevator!

After all, they wouldn't want to put customers off by walking up a few steps now, would they? Unbelievable. 

13. Brain training

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We are currently accustomed to advertisements telling us how to train our brains, and whether that's buying the latest educational video game or taking various online tests that promise to boost our IQs, we often buy them. However, it appears we've been wasting our time.

If you head down to your local gym and strap a rope around the back of year head, you should see instant results...

14. Dedication to your workout

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The saying goes: No pain, no gain, and these brave souls are living proof of this age-old mantra! Displaying their pure, beefcake tenacity, such fervent displays of love towards one's abs, even in times of significant flooding, should surely be approved.


15. What 99% of gym users are guilty of

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Even those who would jump in front of a bullet for a shiny bench press will admit to wasting precious muscle time looking at their phones or worse... taking selfies.

However, most people who do this are those who know the gym is boring as hell but feel better for being there, even if they don't end up doing much exercise. After all, there's always Instagram photos to prove they look amazing in hotpants.

16. Gym/ Relationship goals!

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While most of us go to the gym in a bid to keep fit and keep up a semblance of some sought of routine, a lucky few have amazing partners that share their fitness goals just like this adorable couple.

However, this couple perhaps takes it a bit too far by being almost too comfortable with each other. It's cute, but tone down the PDA guys a bit, okay?

17. If you can't find a gym girlfriend...

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Okay, this is just plain weird! We all want a gym buddy to support a heavy bench press and talk with about last night's football results, but a gym buddy who helps us by feeding us a cake?

In fairness, this looks quite appealing. Well, the cake part...

18. Even couch potatoes work out!

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If you asked 99.9% of the world's population if they'd rather sit in front of the tv and eat ice cream than go to the gym, you can bet your bottom dollar they'd say yes.  So be the 1% and get those abs, because if couch potatoes can do it, so can you!

So what are you waiting for? Buy a Mr Potatoe suit and start hitting that iron!

19. Dog Press

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How cute is this? This adorable lab just wants to be like its human dad and gain some muscle. Looking back at the camera with a pose befitting of a famous Austrian bodybuilder, this dog is going to be put through some serious chest exercises.

Word has it the dog lifted 100kg... unaided. 

20. AHHHH...

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If an artist was to go around the world's gyms and take photographs of gym-goers mid-workout, you'd get a collection of irregular, anguished expressions that look like a mix of a woman giving birth and someone with constipation sitting on the toilet for hours on end.

Just like this guy.... 

21. Help!


It appears this gym-goer was trying to be a bit of a showoff by doing a series of unaided, unnecessarily burdensome front squat reps. Predictably, this jock bit off more than he could chew and ended up making a complete fool of himself.

Worst of all? He probably got his mate to take a photo of him looking all strong. Dear oh dear.

22. A sweaty johnson

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Can you see it? Look closely at the sweat formed on the man's shirt. Then go closer. And closer. There we go! It's phallic looking, right?!

Poor dude!

23. Distracted, much?


This guy likes big butts, and he can not lie. Even when he's trying to take his mind off things and get some endorphins in his brain after a hard day's work, he can't help but unknowingly objectify a woman by staring at her voluptuous bottom!

Could he make it any less obvious?!

24. OMG!


People find their passions in a variety of things. Some like to paint. Others write. Many pound the pavement and go for an evening jog. However, some people don't only find light relief in the gym; they get infused with a Navy Seal-like energy. 

Just take this dude. All he's doing is helping his friend lift a few light dumbells and yet there's something in his gawping facial expression that makes it appear as though he's just seen the reincarnation of Christ. 

25. Cool Cat

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Gym attire doesn't need to be trendy. All most people wear is an old t-shirt and a pair of old joggers, but this guy perhaps took it too far.

Clearly a cat lover as well as a gym enthusiast, this getup might prove acceptable in a rave where illegal substances are consumed but not at the gym. Not ever. 

26. Doing it wrong


How many times did some annoying "gym expert" come up to you when you first started going to the gym and said you're "doing it wrong." 

A lot probably. However, in time we started to become the ones looking at others who were "doing it wrong" just like this confused fella.

27. When you confuse a gym for a library 


Brain training comes in a variety of ways, from reading the complete works of Tolstoy to humbling yourself at not being able to help your child with their 6th-grade algebra homework. Yes, knowledge really is key, but so is keeping fit, but this guy seems to have gotten the two mixed up.

We're all for multitasking, but this man really does take it to the next level. There's probably some pretty angry beefcakes in the background.

28. When you just don't give a ....

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How confident is this man? He's just come out of the bathroom and doesn't think twice about stepping on a treadmill despite being clad in nothing but a frickin' towel!

Whether this is a staged photo or not isn't known, but for comedic purposes, we hope it isn't.

29. "I need crisps"

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Some people run on treadmills with only their towel for coverage, while others just run on them like a normal human being. But a special few open their packet of crisps and line them neatly on the treadmill and stare at them like a newfound lover.

Only in America, ey?

30. Leg Day? More like Cake Day

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This man really doesn't care about gains in the gym, does he? He strikes me as one of those men that would happily take a ton of gym selfies, upload them onto Instagram and then leave the gym without a trace of sweat.

Still, at least he doesn't have to take a shower after. 

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