Father & Daughter Pull Of Epic Dance Routine At Wedding

LOL January 17, 2019 By Hugo

Meet Madison and her dad, Dr Gary Otto, the dancing duo who surprised everyone in attendance with a groom-stealing performance as a pro dad dancer. 

Rumble/ Gaotto

This incredible father/daughter wedding dance appears to be just another cute, run-of-the-mill dance every father has with his daughter before their hubby whisks them away, but this father wasn't going to give his daughter away without making a memorable day of it.

At first, the crowd is quite muted, and the slow dance, while cute, doesn't exactly inspire much in the way of originality. 

Nonetheless, it was a tender moment and one that could make even the hardest of men teary-eyed until the music suddenly stopped, at which point the DJ acts surprised.

After a few mutters from the crowd, the father and daughter duo break into a spectacular dance choreographed to perfection.

Without spoiling it for you, watch the epic video below and let us know in the comments if you've ever experienced a wedding quite like this!


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