Eddie Murphy's Girlfriend Gives Birth To His 10th Child

Celebs August 29, 2018 By Hugo

Eddie Murphy's exploits in the bedroom are almost as legendary as his stellar acting career, and it appears he has no signs of slowing down anytime soon after it emerged that his girlfriend Paige Butcher had welcomed his 10th child.

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Murphy already shares a two-year-old daughter with the blonde beauty, but Murphy's spawn extends far beyond his current relationship. In fact, the long-time lothario has fathered eight other children from previous relationships.

However, in recent years, it appears Murphy has become a changed man as he has been in a relationship with Butcher since 2012. Of course, owing to the extended period between the birth of his first child, and his most recent, the press hasn't been afraid to mention this when interviewing him. 

In one interview, when his then-youngest Izzy was three months old, Murphy said the age gap between his children wasn't an issue- at the time, his eldest was approaching 30.

"They're grown, I wouldn't say 'old'," he said in a 2016 interview with the American TV show, Entertainment Tonight. "None of my children are gray and balding."

Despite coming under much criticism for his unusually high number of children with different women, Murphy said that his children were "The brightest part of my life.

"My world revolves around them - even the old, gray bald ones," he joked, about his 29-year-old.

The actor and comedian's 10 children come from five women. He shares five children with his first wife, Nicole Mitchel: 28-year-old Bria, 25-year-old Myles, 23-year-old Shayne, 18-year-old Zola and 16-year-old Bella.

His eldest, Eric, 29, was from a relationship with his ex-girlfriend Paulette McNeely, while his son Christian, 27, comes from another ex-girlfriend, Tamara Hood.

Murphy also fathered a daughter called Angel when he was in a highly-publicized relationship with Spice Girl Mel B. Now 11; Angel happened to be born on Eddie's birthday, leading Mel B to joke that her child had a "cosmic sense of humor."

However, Murphy was heavily criticized after he had used a TV interview to break up with her. He also demanded a paternity test to prove her pregnancy was of his doing.

"A friend of mine called me to tell me. I was shocked; then I felt disgusted. We were madly in love with each other, and then this happens," the former pop star told OK! magazine in a candid interview.

"I tried to call Eddie, and I couldn't get through. Then I got through, and he said he would call me back and that was it. He never called back."

"I don't feel humiliated. I think the only person who has humiliated themselves is Eddie. His behavior was unacceptable.

"Maybe one day Eddie will tell me why this happened."

Despite the two revealing little else about the relationship, Murphy later admitted to being the father.

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