This Dog Falling Asleep In Training Is All Of Us

LOL July 4, 2018 By Hugo

Training puppies is never easy, especially when all they want to do is sleep!

In what has to be the most adorable video currently doing the rounds online, this 2-month-old puppy is placed into a corner of the room by its owner before being asked to hand him a paw. But so tired is the beautiful pupper that all it can do is rest its head on the floor, curl up and go to sleep!


Repeatedly ignoring his owner's words, its sleepy nonchalance is something we can all relate to, especially when it's almost 5 o'clock on a Monday!

Undeterred, his owner picks him up again in a last-ditch attempt to teach him something. Of course, the cute fluffball is beyond exhausted and rests on the floor once more.

Still, the owner tries one more time to pick him up- what with it being third time lucky and all- but the puppy isn't interested and turns his head.

Has your puppy ever done something equally as adorable as this cute little thing? 

Watch the full video below and let us know in the comments. 

Have a good snooze! 



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