First Details Of Breaking Bad Movie Emerge

OMG February 21, 2019 By Hugo

We reported late last year that a Breaking Bad movie was in the works, but plot details were understandably non-existent... until now.

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According to hacks at The Hollywood Reporter, the movie will centre on Aron Paul's character Jesse Pinkman and pick off from the gripping season finale.

The tense episode saw Jesse dramatically escape from his captors following a gunfight with Jack's cohort of gangsters. He is then asked by a wounded Walt to kill him after the battle. But Jessie can't do it and escapes in Todd's El Camino car crying that the ordeal is finally over.

Further details will be sure to emerge within the coming months, while ardent and inpatient fans have even taken to stalking the production crew in the local area to garner whatever information they can.

Various fan photos of the set have been uploaded to Instagram, and one popular theory is that the film will centre on a series of flashbacks.

Jesse's car has often been seen towed around the New Mexico capital and outside his parents' house while Ed the Disappearer's vacuum shop looks likely also to be included.

A film website called Revenge of the Fans even claimed, "Not only will the story find a way to bring back Jane - with whom Jesse had a tragic love affair way back during the show's first season - but series star [Bryan] Cranston is set to play some sort of role in the new film as well. This, despite both characters having met their ends on the show."

Vince Gilligan's movie will first appear on Netflix before airing on the show's original channel, AMC.

We can't wait. 

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