30 Of The Coolest Celebrity Rides

OMG February 25, 2019 By Hugo

As well as having enviable jawlines and devoted fans, celebrities also own an array of impressive motors thanks to their immense wealth. 

Whatever it is you like, you'll be sure to find at least one celebrity with a motoring taste similar to yours so with that in mind we've profiled 30 of the most amazing celebritiy rides. Enjoy!

1. The Game


The West Coast rapper has built up an extraordinary collection of cars over the years, and whether you like his hard-hitting lyrics or not, there's no doubting The Game's automotive passion.

Yes, as well as counting out the royalties from his albums, the Dreams hitmaker, whose net worth currently stands at an impressive $25m, is busy dazzling us with his multifaceted car collection. Quite whether the gold Porsche Panamera is as pleasing on the eye as he thinks it is, is certainly up for debate. But we're sure he doesn't care. If he gets bored, he can always paint it red. 

2. Nicki Minaj

Cool Spotters

Nicki's raw lyrics and unashamedly brazen persona have given the talented New York rapper a net worth beyond her wildest dreams, and when you're as confident as her, you're going to let the world know you've arrived.

Of course, owning such a colorful car will undoubtedly turn heads, but Minaj is all about the glamour and attention that comes with the fame, so it's hardly surprising Minaj purchased a neon-pink Lamborgini. The model, known officially as the Lamborgini Aventador, is a popular choice in Hollywood and is bound to attract all kinds of attention.

3. Hugh Grant

Celebrity Car Blog

The lovable British actor has made no apologies for his love of fast cars, and has described them in the past as "tossers cars" and "great big w#nker cars." But going against the British stereotype of the modest gentleman, Hugh's car history is more akin to that of a gangster rapper than an Oxford-educated actor.

Past purchases of the Notting Hill actor have included a Ferrari California, an Aston Martin Vanquish and most recently, an Audi R8. 

4. Harry Styles


After touring the world as the most notable member of the world's biggest boy band, Harry Styles put pen to paper on a solo recording deal with Columbia Records worth a staggering $80m. Not that Styles wasn't wealthy before.

Ever since One Direction debuted at number one on the Billboard 100 with their album Up All Night, the boys have been making outrageous sums, and when you're young and boyish, more money often translates into bigger and better motors. 

A self-confessed petrol head, the 23-year-old has been pictured driving many different cars over the years including an Audi R8, a Ferrari California, a Range Rover Sport, a stylish 1966 Mercedes-Benz 230S L and a vintage Jaguar E-type roadster

5. Liam Payne


Another One Direction member included on our list is Liam Payne. Often thought of as second-in-command to Harry Styles, his bank balance is nonetheless as high and while he may not have purchased as many cars as the moppy-haired heartthrob, Liam's car history is nothing to be scoffed at. 

After all, when you're papped driving a chrome Lamborgini Aventador to your local supermarket, and possing on top of Cadillacs like they're Ikea chairs, things can only be good.

6. Cristiano Ronaldo

Instagram/ Cristiano

Soccer players have a long history owning expensive and over-the-top sports cars, and the most famous of all, the Portuguese and Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, is no different. Residing in a wealthy suburb of Madrid, Ronaldo has a fleet of cars in his garage and with a net worth of $280m and a social media following topped only by the songstress Taylor Swift, buying cars isn't something that's an issue for the brash soccer player.

But while Ronaldo may be arrogant and unashamedly open about his wealth, most would admit to being a tad jealous of his car collection.

7. Justin Bieber

Instagram/ Justin Bieber

For someone who dresses poorly and still thinks it's cool to wear gold-winged trainers, Justin Bieber's car history isn't as bad as you'd imagine with past cars including a white Ferrari 458 Italia, a Nissan GTR, a Lamborgini Veneno and the customary celebrity car of choice: the Range Rover Vogue.

But Bieber hasn't exactly been sensible with his cars, with the actor's well-publicized arrest in 2014 being spawned from the singer drag racing his Lamborgini Veneno through a freeway in Flordia.

8. Ashton Kutcher

Auto Evolution

He may not seem too fussed about being the owner of a beautiful Ferrari California Spyder, but after being rich and famous since the late 90s, you can forgive the Hollywood hottie for being accustomed to the finer things in life.

Yes, for someone who started out as a male model in rural Ohio before transitioning into acting, a profession he still isn't very good at, you can't help but admire Ashton's rags-to-riches story.

9. Gordon Ramsay

Financial Express

The foul-mouthed chef may not be everyone's cup of tea, but his car collection is likely to have more admirers.

If most photos online are anything to go by, the Hell's Kitchen star seems to have a penchant for Ferraris, owning a classic Ferrari 550 Maranello, a chrome 458 Ferrari Italia, and the much-coveted Ferrari Enzo.

10. Jay Leno

American Car Collector

If you don't know about Jay Leno's car collection, then let us fill you in. Put simply; he has hundreds, all ranging from top-of-the-range Ferraris to the most classic of American Mustangs. He even has a special TV show titled Jay Leno's Garage, which sees the former chatshow host fill us in on the history of each purchase.

In the interests of your time, however, listing the cars Leno has could take years, but some notable examples include a 2014 McLaren P1, valued at a cool $1.35 million, a 1963 Chrysler Turbine – $415,000, a 1909 Stanley Steamer- $185,000 and one of only two Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic SCs, valued today at a whopping $30m. 

In case you were wondering, Leno has some serious cash. $350m, to be precise.

11. Selena Gomez


An alternative to the Range Rover, the BMW X5 is not much different to its rival other than it looks slightly less snazzy and seems to be more focused on the family market despite many young, wealthy people buying them, just like the pop star Selena Gomez

Nonetheless, this comfortable cruiser has all the trappings of a bachelor's car, with a top speed of 155mph and luxurious leather seating all but assuring the driver will be more than happy to stomach the ridiculously high starting price of almost $75,000.

12. Rachel McAdams


Most stars who get their first big paycheque splash out on a luxury Range Rover or Cadilac, but not Rachel McAdams. She appears level-headed, and that shows in her humble choice of ride, the Mini Cooper.

The 2017 3 cylinder turbo model is an environmentally friendly ride but still boasts horsepower of up to 228.

13. Emma Watson


For all Emma Watson's preachy rhetoric about how to live your life, you'd think she would be one of the first Hollywood millionaire socialists queing up for the latest Toyota Prius, but she's actually a fan of the German car manufacturer, Audi. 

As much a hit with soccer moms as it is with Hollywood superstars, the A3 is a neat little number and as ample space for those all-important leg stretches.

14. Kate Beckinsale


For fans of luxury SUVs but who also want to stand out among the hoard of Range Rovers clogging Rode Drive, then you can do what the British actress Kate Beckinsale did and invest in a stylish Volvo XC90.

The stylish Swedish 4X4 comes equipped with all the trappings of a uber-comfy gas polluter but at half the cost. It also has better gas mileage and performance. And with Napa leather and hickory trim, the XC90 is argubally the best value luxury SUV on the market. 

15. Amber Heard


Is there anything better than a photo of the ridiculously beautiful actress Amber Heard filling up her 1968 Mustang? Yes, Amber proved she hasn't only got excellent acting chops and a pretty face, but also a delightful taste in vintage cars.

The interior alone on this bad boy is of the utmost detail, while the exterior's cool silver paint job is incredible. But Heard is no stranger to vintage cars. She's also owned a 1967 Mercedes and 1963 Checker Cab. 

16. Hayden Panettiere

Ridin' Girls

Standing at just 4'11", Hayden Panettiere may be one of the smallest actresses in Hollywood, but in the world of cars, she only goes big if her Porsche Cayenne S is anything to go by. With luxurious seating, amazing gadgets and an incredible 400 hp engine, this high-toned SUV can do 0 to 60 in 5.6 seconds.

Still, Panettiere appears to be in two minds about this car. During an interview with NBC news she said that while she still drives her Porsche Cayenne, she would rather drive a Toyota Prius.

17. Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba is one hot actress, and she holds her car choices up to a similar standard of pure beauty. Just take her ownership of the Audi Q7, one of the most desirable SUVs on the market. A perfect blend of comfort, style, performance and affordability, Alba's sleek silver model is undoubtedly a feast on the eyes.

But Jessica Alba driving it makes it 10x better. Fact.

18. Demi Lovato

Hawt Celebs

Demi Lovato looks uber cool in this Mercedes E350. She has since traded that model in for a more modern Mercedes SL 500. A loyal customer, Lovato seems to live life in the fast lane, with the engines on these models capable of some rip-roaring speeds.

A troubled star who has recently spent time in rehab for drug abuse, we hope Lovato takes solace in the fact that she is one loved celebrity.

19. Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz looks smoking hot in any photo, but her hotness is taken to another level in this snap of her getting out of her high-toned sports car. The Masseratti has always been less celebrated than the snazzy  Ferrari, but the company has a lot of better value cars.

Cameron's model is the Maserati Quattroporte. She also owns a vintage grey, 1958 Ferrari. 

20. Megan Fox


The G-wagon seems to be the car every athlete, reality tv star and Hollywood actor needs to own. And with a starting price of $122k, the G-wagon is undoubtedly a car the likes of which only those kind of people can afford. But even the coolest of stars would struggle to look as hot as Megan in this bling-tastic ride. The luxury Mercedes SUV comes kitted with all the luxury features one would expect from a car of this calibre. Locking differentials, cruise control, luxurious seating.

The engine is also a behemoth of a machine, with the starting model alone boasting more than 416 horsepower.

21. Rihanna

Celebrity Cars Blog

Porsche 911s are frequently the cars of choice for those keen to bask in their newfound wealth, with everyone from overachieving estate agents and midlife crisis bankers to Hollywood superstars such as Rihanna buying one of these beauties at one time or other. 

Yep, they have a reputation for attracting douchebag drivers, but with easy-to-drive features and a long-term endurance matched by few other sports cars, 911s are a great investment. They also make Rihanna even hotter. We're definitely a fan. 

22. Taylor Lautner

Wall Paper Picture Photop

Another Audi to make our list, Audi R8s have proliferated in popularity in recent years because they're at a price range which isn't as off-putting as that of a Lamborghini or Ferrari whilst still looking good- if not better- than said rivals

But with a starting price of around $155,000, this car is still very much limited to the Taylor Lautners and Taylor Swifts of this world. 

23. Kim Kardashian

Cool Spotters

Every child- at least at one point in their childhood- wished they could one day drive a Ferrari because it's a car synonymous with glamor and class minus the ostentatiousness synonymous with many  Lamborghini models.

Those fortunate enough to have a spare million to play with will usually be hard-pressed to pick just one model, but in recent years the famous 430 Spyder has taken a back seat for the more sleek and lustrous 458. Still available as a hardtop convertible, the Ferrari 458 is arguably Italy's answer to Britain's esteemed Aston Martin models. But unless you get Kardashian-like wealth, you probably won't be popping this ride anytime soon.

24. Bruce Springsteen

Celebrity Cars Blog

The gas-guzzling monster is seemingly the SUV of choice for every Hollywood actor and pop star with the luxury SUV's two models, the Vogue and Sport now synonymous with not only overpaid stars pretty much anyone with large wads of cash and little care for pollution levels.

Still, they're super comfy and boast a plethora of interior features, while drivers and passengers have the added benefit of enjoying an inbuilt massage feature, assuring you a smooth and calming ride, as Bruce Springsteen will no doubt attest.

25. Mike Comrie

Celebrity Cars Blog

Aston Martins ooze style, and have an understated yet highly head-turning appearance that has long made it the car of choice for the fictional Ian Fleming character, James Bond.

Typically a coupe but with convertible editions available, the DB9 is a go-to car for those wishing for a sports car without the constant glare that a Lambo might bring, though the DBS has that added wow-factor that makes every die-hard Bond fan foam at the mouth and it seems Mike Comrie, the Canadian NHL player, is channelling his inner-Bond when he purchased this bad boy with his then-wife, Hilary Duff.

26. Denise Richards

Celebrity Cars

Blonde beauty Denis Richards is just one of many Hollywood celebs to have been spotted in one of these pimped-out trucks. Like the Range Rover but arguably more garish and in-your-face, the Cadilac Escalade is to Hollywood celebrities what the Range Rover is to British soccer players.

Built with a host of interior features, which often come kitted with TVs and surround sound systems, this road-hogger is bound to have a VIP in the driving seat- especially if the windows are tinted.

27. Tom Felton

Twitter/ Tom Felton

Lamborgini Aventadors are all the rage at this moment in time thanks to their extraterrestrial-like appearance, and after being the car of choice for Bruce Wayne in the last instalment of the Dark Knight Trilogy, sales on this beast rocketed. 

That said, this car isn't cheap- even for those with a $1m in the bank- with starting prices usually around a whopping $350,000. Still, if you played Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies, you're a financial baller, so $350,000 is short change for the British actor Tom Felton.

28. Cindy Crawford 

Auto Evolution

This extravagant British motor is another vehicle on the list that has proven popular with celebs in recent years, and though they may not look as cool as an Aston Marin or a Ferrari, they're far from average. 

In fact, most Bentley GTs come equipped with many luxury features, all while possessing the most powerful v12 engine Bentley has ever produced. In their very own words, the GT is where "supercar speed meets handcrafted luxury." Perfect, then, for a natural beauty like Cindy Crawford.

29. Khloe Kardashian

Ok! Magazine

It's another Cardashian! See what we did there? Bad puns aside, the reality tv stars are known for splashing out on luxurious items, and that includes fast cars. However, Khloe took this to the next level when she splashed out $2m on a Bugatti Veyron in 2014.

One of the most exclusive cars in the world, there are only 450 Veyrons in existence, with other celebrity owners including Simon Cowell and Cristiano Ronaldo.

30. Gal Gadot

Thrill List

Gal Gadot's smoking hot F-Type R is the perfect car for someone as beautiful as Gadot. Starting at $100k Gal likely got it for free or at a significant discount as she was invited to drive it around Pebble Beach.

The occasion? A Playboy party in recognition of the fine automotive work Jaguar has achieved. Gadot's model in the picture above can go from 0-60 in 3.4 seconds. 

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