Chris Hemsworth To Play Hulk Hogan In Bizarre Biopic

Celebs February 21, 2019 By Hugo

Chris Hemsworth has played many powerful characters in his time, including the iconic superhero god Thor in the titular Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise. But his next beefy role will involve playing a real-life muscle man by the name of Hulk Hogan.

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As bizarre as it may sound, the Aussie hunk has signed on to play the WWE legend in a project that will also have Bradley Cooper on board as a producer. 

Teaming up with Cooper for the fourth time will be Todd Phillips, who directed the star in all three Hangover movies. Penning the screenplay will be Scott Silver whose past credits include 8 Mile. He has also worked in the visual effects departments for Deadpool, The Maze Runner and Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle.

A controversial figure both in and out of the ring, Hogan's personal life has been tarnished in recent years following a series of high-profile embarrassments, including a sex tape scandal, a video of him spouting racial obscenities and a much-publicized legal battle with the website Gawker.

But rather than focus on his life post-wrestling, the biopic will focus solely on his work inside the ring.

After making a name for himself in WWE, Hogan transferred in 1994 to the WCW before then joining the NWO. Proving a wise move, Hogan's global fame only grew when Vince McMahon purchased WCW and all its rights.

With his signature yellow attire and trademark moustache, Hogan carved a unique image, and WWE's Hall of Fame recognised this in 2005 when they included Hogan's name alongside an illustrious list of wrestlers that include Rowdy Roddy Piper, Cowboy Bob Orton, the Iron Sheik, and many more.

However, Hogan's name was removed from the Hall of Fame list in 2015 following a video which came to light showing the famous wrestler using the N-word when talking about his daughter's black boyfriend.

After a series of public apologise, Hogan was reinstated three years later.

In a statement, the governing body of WWE said: "After a three-year suspension, Hulk Hogan has been reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame.

"This second chance follows Hogan's numerous public apologies and volunteering to work with young people, where he is helping them learn from his mistake.

It'll be exciting to see a film about Hulkmania, especially when Hemsworth is involved, and how one man captivated an entire wrestling audience."

Will you see this film? Or is it unnecessary in light of Hogan's recent problems?

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