15 Celebrities With Really Weird Collections!

Celebs May 8, 2018 By Hugo

Much to the bewilderment of friends and family, many of us have collected things over the years that have left others wondering why we spent so much time and money on them. These collections can range from rare stamps, and pokemon cards to the downright bizarre, such as a middle-aged man's 6,000 strong Barbie doll collection.


However, just like you and I, celebrities also collect their fair share of unusual things. And with all the money in the world, having a vintage dagger collection or a wide selection of board games based on tv shows isn't that hard to accumulate for Tinseltown's finest.

So get ready to be amazed and weirded out as we take you through some of the wackiest collections of the rich and famous. 

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

The Academy Award-winning actor and famed lothario may still be living the male fantasy by partying with a bevy of Victoria's Secret models well into his 40s, but that hasn't stopped him being open about his love of action figures.


He's even been generous and parted ways with some of them by auctioning them off for charity.

2. Tom Hanks

After writing a series of published short stories, it makes sense that actor and part-time writer Tom Hanks owns a collection of vintage typewriters.

Shutterstock/ JStone

Hanks has even been known to take a typewriter on the road with him and bash out prose that will inevitably be ridiculed by high-toned publications simply because he is Tom Hanks and not a struggling, middle-aged Frenchman living in a one-bedroom apartment that sits directly above a vintage bookshop.

3. Nicole Kidman

The Australian actress has had a stellar acting career and now finds herself the envy of many women for being married to the country crooner, Keith Urban, but few know of Kidman's vast coin collection!

Shutterstock/ Kathy Hutchins

But Kidman doesn't collect any old kind of coins. She actually owns an impressive series of Judean coins, ancient Jewish coins first circulated in the 4th century BCE. 

4. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has been in the wars in recent years, what with her double vasectomy and marriage breakdown with Brad Pitt, so it seems somewhat app that she owns a collection of vintage daggers.


She's also a kickass feminist who happened to portray Lara Croft in the movie adaptation of the wildly popular video game, so this is certainly one of the least surprising celebrity collections.

5. Johnny Depp

One of cinema's most recognizable faces hasn't had the best of times in recent years following his divorce from the actress Amber Heard. He's also had a litany of money woes, many of which were revealed in open court documents highlighting his opulent lifestyle, so it's not that surprising to know that an impulse buyer like Depp has a weird collection of dolls.


If rumors are to be believed, he even owns a Beyonce doll!

6. Reese Witherspoon

For a southern belle like Reese Witherspoon, home will always be where the heart is, so it seems fitting that a home girl like Witherspoon collects vintage linen.

Shutterstock/ Tinseltown

How southern of you, Reese!

7. Britney Spears

Perhaps Britney Spears and Mr. Depp should be together and live happily ever after because the Hit Me Baby One More Time hitmaker is also believed to have a fascination with dolls.

Shutterstock/ A PAES

In Spears's case, it's antique ones. Just hopefully not the creepy ones that look like they're about to come to life and kill you. 

8. Patrick Dempsey

The Grey's Anatomy star and part-time racing car driver may appear to be the epitome of cool, but the handsome actor has a geeky side to him that you probably weren't aware of.

Shutterstock/ Oskar SCHULER

Unbeknownst to many, Dempsey is an avid collector of antiques. Who'd have thought?!

9. Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland is a very cool dude who made a name for himself as counter-terrorist agent Jack Bauer on the hit tv show, 24. Charged with catching the most dangerous people on Earth, Sutherland's character attained a wide fanbase, even when he ironically went to jail himself for driving under the influence.

Shutterstock/ Featureflash Photo Agency

Nonetheless, Sutherland's coolness remained intact, and it's rather fitting that he owns a collection of Gibson guitars, a brand of guitar that is almost as cool as Bauer himself.

10. Lebron James

King James has one of the more practical collections on our list. 


Known for sporting an array of headbands on the basketball court, James collects many different styles of them. Some ballers collect Ferraris. James gathers headbands. What a guy.

11. Quentin Tarantino 

For someone who makes gory films for a living, you'd imagine Tarantino's collections to be rather horrorsome, but his unique collection is anything but.


Beleive it or not, Tarantino actually collects vintage board games based on iconic tv shows!

12. Rod Stewart

One of rock's most famous faces of the 60s and 70s and 80s, Rod Stewart's icon status won't be going away anytime soon, but you can bet your bottom dollar hardcore fans will turn their nose up at Stewart's bizarre collection of toy trains!

Still, if anyone can get away with an embarrassing toy collection, it's a rockstar! 

13. Ryan Seacrest

With a workload as tough as Ryan's, we can imagine that Hollywood's busiest man needs a large supply of beverages to enjoy after a hard day's work, so it makes sense that he collects vintage wines.


The next drinks on you, Ryan!

14. Simon Pegg

Hollywood stars have a reputation for being narcissistical, self-indulgent artists who only care for themselves and how they are perceived, and it appears the British funnyman and Mission Impossible actor Simon Pegg is no different!

Shutterstock/ Tinseltown

Collecting Simon Pegg figurines, it seems Pegg has gone all Hollywood on us!

15. Brad Pitt

We couldn't write a whole gallery without including Brad Pitt's beautiful face, could we? Now a single man after his split from Angie, Pitt was pictured making various trips to his friend's art studio to work on a sculptor, which may explain his current metal collection.


A lover of architecture, Pitt's collection is probably the most cultured on this list. 

Well, compared to Johnny Depp's doll collection...

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