30 Celebrities Who Are Twins

Celebs April 8, 2019 By Hugo

Celebrities are often in the news for how beautiful they are. In some cases, they are even heralded as the most beautiful people on Earth. But what about their lesser-known twins?

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If anyone can come close to their charisma and beauty, then surely it is them? Here are 30 examples.

1. Aaron and Shawn Ashmore


Both have made it big in Hollywood, but many people aren't aware of their relation. Aaron is known for his role in Smallville while Shawn is known for his role in the X-men franchise. 

Now that's one successful family.

2. Aaron and Angel Carter


It's hard to believe these two are twins, as they don’t look much alike! Angel is a model while Aaron ploughs his trade as a singer. He achieved a considerable amount of fame as a child star in the early 21st century before personal problems derailed his career.

He most recently made headlines for defending Michael Jackson during the controversy that surrounded the recent Finding Neverland documentary.

3. Alanis and Wade Morrissette


They don't come much cooler than rock goddess Alania Morrissette. The Canadian singer-songwriter penned some of the most memorable songs of the 90s and gave us serious relationship goals when she started dating fellow Canadian Ryan Reynolds.

Her brother Wade is also a cool cat. He spends his days teaching yoga and therapy classes to his devoted online following having previously worked as a rock producer with yoga influences. That's one chill dude.

4. Ashton and Michael Kutcher


Ashton is well known for his many roles in movies and TV shows. His brother, Michael, has cerebral palsy and is a philanthropist, and remains one of his best friends.

In fact, Ashton studied biochemical engineering at Ohio University in a bid to cure his brother's condition.

5. Gisele and Patricia Bundchen


Gisele is well known for being a supermodel, and her twin sister is also a beauty. Now acting as her sister's manager, Patricia prefers to stay behind the scenes and rarely grants interviews. However, in a rare sit down with Vanity Fair she waxed lyrical of her sister's accomplishments. 

"Her willpower made her successful," she said. "She has never let the critics put her down, and this has never changed. She has the most amazing body, but what has really made her successful is her personality, her way of doing things, her professionalism."

6. Tasha and Sidra Smith

This woman made us laugh our heads off in the Tyler Perry movie Why Did I Get Married? but did you know that she has a twin sister called Sidra?

Like others on this list, Sidra has used her sibling's contacts in the entertainment industry to make a name for herself in the business as a director and producer.

7. Kiefer Sutherland and Rachel Sutherland 


Kiefer is a famous actor, plays in many movies and TV shows while his twin sister Rachel likes to work behind the camera and is one of Hollywood's most in-demand post-production supervisors.

The movie genes must run thick in this family!

8. Scarlett and Hunter Johansson 

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Everyone knows who Scarlett Johansson is. She's one of the world's most famous actresses, having hit the big time at just 17 when she starred alongside Bill Murray in Sofia Coppola's timeless classic, Lost In Translation.

Her career has only gone from strength to strength, but success runs in the Johansson family as her brother was a campaign manager for President Obama. Cool!

9. Siva and Kumar Kaneswaran


For a while, Siva was the talk of the town when he was in the British boy band The Wanted. While never reaching the heights of another British boy band, they had a hit album and were signed by Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun.

Silva has since pursued a solo career while his twin brother Kumar works as a male model.

10. Vin Diesel and Paul Vincent


 It's hard to believe that these two are twins! One's a brawny movie star, and the other appears bookish and in love with the complete works of Jane Austin.

Despite being completely different, these two twins remain close even though they occupy entirely different lives.

11. Laverne Cox and M Lamar

YouTube/ Famous 10

One of the more well-known transgender celebrities in Hollywood, Laverne Cox, has established herself as a credible actress following her breakout role as female prisoner Sophia Burset in the Netflix smash 'Orange is the New Black.'

Like Cox, her character is also transgender, and the series does an excellent job of portraying the innate stigma certain men and women have towards trans people. In the character's flashbacks, Cox's twin brother plays a pre-transition version of her.

12. The Olsen Twins

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The Olsen Twins are very much one lucrative package, and by the time they were 3-years-old, they were already making millions as child actresses, so it's little wonder their wealth has increased over the years.

However, the blonde bombshells decided on a career in fashion after becoming disillusioned with acting, and it paid off. Big time. Today, the twins are worth a whopping $300m following the success of their clothing line, 'The Row.'

13. Rami Malek and Sami Malek

YouTube/ Famous 10

Rami Malek wowed the world with his awe-inspiring potrayal of the flamboyant British rock star Freddie Mercury in the Queen biopic Bohemian Rapsody.

However, when Rami was wowing audiences long before his fame. In an appearance on the Graham Norton Show, the American star recalled a hilarious story that saw him cover for his identical twin Sami during a college class which required him to speak in front of a packed lecture theatre!

14. Ralph Fiennes and Jacob Fiennes

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Ralph Fiennes is one of the finest actors to come from the British Isles and remains a go-to choice for Hollywood casting directors looking to cast a sinister British villian.

The eldest of six children, Fiennes has a twin named Jacob, but unlike his famous brother, he works outside the industry as an overseas conservationist.

15. Dylan and Cole Sprouse

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Dylan and Cole Sprouse found fame early on in their career as Zach and Cody in the Disney series, The Suite Life of Zach & Cody. Now in their 20s, Cole is now a series regular on the CW series Riverdale while Dylan decided to pursue college and gained a degree in video game design.

He now keeps out of the limelight, though was recently thrust back in it when it emerged that he had begun dating the Hungarian supermodel, Barbara Palvin.

16. Willow and Autumn Shields

Instagram/ autumnshields3

Hunger Games fans had to blink twice when Primrose Everdeen- played by Willow Shields- uploaded a photo with her sister onto her Instagram account.

Twin Autumn Shields work as an actress herself and most recently appeared in “Beyond the Blackboard.”

17. Judy and Joselin Reyes


Judy Reyes will probably be familiar to Scrubs fans as Carla Espinosa, argubally her most famous role to date.

Like many siblings in the business, twin sister Joselin is also an actress and has appeared in tv spinoffs such as “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” “Rythm of the Saints” and “Side Streets.”

18. Elvis Presley and Jessie Presley


Elvis Presley may be the most lauded music act in pop history, but few know that he was born a twin. Unfortunatley, twin brother Jesse Garon Presley was stillborn when he was delivered on Jan. 8, 1935.

The country singer would also die in tragic circumstances, at the age of only 42.

19. Joel and Benji Madden

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These two teenage twins formed the punk rock band we all listened to as angsty kids: Good Charlotte. That was back in 1996 if you can believe it.

Today, lead singer Benji is happily married (who wouldn't be?) to Cameron Diaz and also serves as a judge on The Voice Australia, whilst his brother also married someone famous in the form of Nicole Richie. 

Lifestyles of the rich and famous, ey?

20. Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush

YouTube/ Salesforce

These gorgeous Southern belles are George W. Bush's twin daughters. While living up to a parent who served as president may seem a steep task, these ladies have only ever excelled, with Jenna becoming a respected correspondent on NBC Nightly News.

Barbara chose to work in the charity sector and has become a respected name in American philanthropy. She is also a human rights campaigner and long-term advocate of gay marriage legalization.

21. Tia and Tamera Mowry

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Can you spot the difference? Nope, me neither. These identical twins are so similar in appearance they even starred in a show called Sister, Sisters, a show that anyone with fond memories of 90s tv will remember.

Today, the sisters are still in demand, with Tamera co-hosting the talk show The Real while Tia still pursue acting, having appeared in shows such as Rosewood and Mistresses.

22. Jason and Jeremy London


Like the Mowry sisters, Jason and Jeremy have also put their identical twin status to good use on beloved films and TV shows including the timeless 90s movie Dazed and Confused.

Jeremy and Jason still act, with the former appearing in Mallrats7th Heaven and Party of Five.

23. Duffy and Katy Ann

Shutterstock/ Anky

Remember the Welsh singer Duffy? If you're a noughties kid, you'll probably have had her hit song Mercy on your playing on your iPod shuffle. Away from pop nostalgia and onto the topic of twins, Duffy has one- but she rarely spoke to her as a child.

Talking about her relationship with Katy Ann, Duffy revealed to a British tabloid that they lived apart for many years owing to pressures within the family setup. 

"We were living with four stepbrothers and sisters and an uncle. After a few years, I decided I needed to find my own path in life and moved out - leaving all my friends, my sisters and my mum behind."

24. The Bella Twins

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Unless you're a WWE fan, you might not know who the Bella Twins are. However, you've probably heard of former WWE star turned actor John Cena. He's actually married to one of the gorgeous twins.

A staple attraction in the sport (if you can call it that) we can see why this dream team enjoys such popularity. 

25. Will Young and Rupert Young

Shutterstock/ Entertainment Press

After becoming the first winner of the British series Pop Idol and indeed the worldwide Idol franchise,  Will Young's melancholic pop sound became a mainstay fixture on playlists around Europe in the early noughties.

Recently releasing his 7th album, Young isn't the only dashing, famous member of his family. He also has a twin called Rupert who is a respected television and stage actor.

26. Andrea Hall and Deidre Hall

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Andrea Hall had the privallege of staring alongside her twin sister in the hit 70s series Days of Our Lives.

Having both departed from the industry, the latest credit we could find of the pair was Andrea Hall's appearance in 1995's Never Say Never: The Deidre Hall Story.

27. Max Carver and Charlie Carver

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The identical twins are seasoned twin actors having appeared in some of the tv's biggest hit shows. They first made waves as the twin sons of Felicity Huffman's character in Desperate Housewives.

They then got all grown up on us and dyed their hair from red to black for 20 episodes of Teen Wolf.

28. Evan Sabara and Daryl Sabara


The Spy Kids star Evan Sabara was one of the most famous child actors in his heyday but hasn't found the same success as an adult. His twin brother Evan is also an actor.

While not as famous, he's married to the global pop star Meghan Trainor.

29. Eva Green and Joy Green


Eva Green (right) is a great actress and one of the hottest Bond Girls in recent years and is known for her signature, pure black hair. However, she has dyed it black since she was 15 years old.

Her twin sister, Joy Green (left), who is also an actress, has also dyed her natural mouse blonde colour.

30. Jon and Dan Heder

Shutterstock/ Tinseltown

When you think of Jon Heder, you probably associate him with the cult classic, Napoleon Dynamite. The timeless classic also employed Jon's identical twin brother, Dan Heder. He worked behind the scenes on the animation and also has animator credits on 47 Ronin and Edge of Tomorrow.

The brothers also collaborated on the Oscar-nominated animated film,  Monster House in 2006.

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