This Cat Is Addicted To Head Massages

LOL April 26, 2019 By Hugo

Cats have it easy.

Rumble/ ViralHog

They roam outside when they want. Their meals are always covered. They can sleep all day. Basically, they're the envy of the most the human workforce as we drag ourselves to work as our kitties stretch out on the sofa fast asleep.

However, some cute cats live a life beyond even the most pampered of pooches. Just take the life of this lucky kitty in Western Australia. 

This chill cat is rolling its eyes back with sheer joy as its owner massages its cute little head and it looks like it's in kitty heaven.

Speaking to the press about the viral video, the kitty masseuse said,

“As a web designer, most of the times I work late nights at home and you know how stressful work is sometimes. Our cat Ivy accompanies me and sits on my lap every time I do work. This happened when I was having a break and she was really keen and insisting on me giving her a ‘meowssage.’” 

We don't know about you, but I think I could do with a few of those in my life.  

Watch the full video below and share it with your friends if you think they need some much-needed pampering! 


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