Canada Goose Stays In Same Spot, The Reason Why Is Heartbreaking

OMG June 7, 2018 By Hugo

Canada geese are famed for their remarkable bonds, and their friendships often last a lifetime, but for Juliet, a goose found alone in an Atlanta parking lot, that wouldn't be the case. 


Devastatingly, her partner was killed by a car after the flock had chosen the Atlanta shopping car lot as a refuge for the cold winter months. Heartbroken, Juliet refused to leave the spot she and her partner frequented, even though it meant that the flock left her behind. It appeared Juliet just couldn't accept that he was gone. 

But Juliet wasn't the only one nursing an empty heart. As time passed, residents were equally as sad as they watched her wander listlessly up and down the sidewalk. Shop owners even told passersby not to feed her in the hopes she would eventually move on. 

Three months later, however, it appeared unlikely Juliet would ever leave, leading the great team at Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Centre (AWARE) to bring her to the local rescue centre following rallying cries from residents and local news outlets. 

Speaking to The Dodo, Scott Lange, an executive at the company, revealed a couple of days ago, "Juliet has only been here a couple of days, so we're still making sure her physical condition is good. Once we're comfortable that it is, we'll begin work on reintroducing her to other geese."

Not only was this brilliant news, but Juliet soon found a male friend who had been at the centre a little over a month. Better yet, Juliet appeared to be less distressed and was pictured sharing a bath with her new friend! "If they continue to get along," Lange added, "we'll eventually release them together."

Isn't that wonderful? Nothing will bring back Juliet's first love, but it goes to show that with time and love, anything can be overcome- even the death of a loved one. 

Watch the full video below and be sure to have a box of tissues the ready!

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