Big Bang Theory Teases Unmissable Episode In Final 10 Episode Countdown

OMG February 7, 2019 By Hugo

The Big Bang Theory is almost over. And whether that makes you sad, happy, or a little bit of both, there's no denying that it was argubally the most significant sitcom to hit our screens since the cast of Friends went their separate ways.

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Yes, Chuk Lore's nerdy drama about four physicists living and working in Los Angeles has attracted a worldwide fan base, surprising when you consider many of the jokes require a reasonable degree of intellect.

But with Sheldon's acerbic wit, Raj's inability to woo the ladies, Penny's ditziness, Howard's uncontrollable libido and Leonard's god-like ability to put with his annoying best friend Sheldon, we were given a show which pretty much had everything you could want in a 20-minute-an-episode sitcom.

Of course, us waxing lyrical of the show's greatness isn't going to blind us to the fact that the show itself has started to drain in the last few years, but it appears writers are going all out in the last season to make sure the series ends with a.... bang. 

In an 'unmissable episode', it seems everyone's favourite L.A. blonde has sent Leonard's impulses into a palpable overdrive.

Teasing a scene of the upcoming episode, we see Penny in nothing more than a racy set of blue and black underwear. A caption accompanying the video reads, "Who will win the battle of the sexless? You're not going to want to miss a minute of Thursday's new #BigBangTheory at 8/7c!"

Sadly, not even Penny's beauty can distract hardcore fans from the fact that the show will soon be finished.

"Don't know why they have to end one of, if not the BEST sitcom in television history. Depressing!" one tweet read.

Another user wrote: "Difficult to believe that Big Bang Theory will move from my 'watching list' to 'have watched list'. I am sad that the series ends :(. I want to thank all the actors, crew and generally everyone who worked on these series. Been a fun ride...Best wishes to everyone."

The episode is titled Donation Oscillation' and sees Leonard donate some of his sperm to help Zack and Marissa in their attempts to conceive.

Poor Leonard, just when he gets that dream girl he has to be tormented with a striptease like that!

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