Ariana Grande's Epic Tattoo Fail

LOL January 31, 2019 By Hugo

Tattoos are never something you should approach lightly, and certainly not something you should have done following a boozy night in town. But hey, people still get them, and most of the time they're awful.

Shutterstock/ lev radin

However, it must be even more annoying when you intentionally get a tattoo hoping it means what you wanted when in actuality it means something entirely different.

Just take Ariana Grande's latest tat....

Paying homage to her smash hit single '7 Rings', Grande wanted to get a tattoo of the title in Japanese, but she was lost in translation as it read 'shichirin.'

While the words share similar phonetics, shichirin is a type of small BBQ grill.

Instagram/ ariana_japan

However, it wasn't until the singer posted a photo on her official Japanese account (yes, that's how big she is), that the blunder was noticed.

Fans even questioned if it was her own hand, to which she replied it was and then noticed the mistake herself.

"Indeed I left out [Japanese characters] which should have gone in between.

"It hurt like fuck and still looks tight. I wouldn't have lasted one more symbol lmao. But this spot also peels a ton and won't last so if I miss it enough, I'll suffer through the whole thing next time," she said.

Making light of the faux pas, she added, "Also... huge fan of BBQ grills." Same, mate, same.

So next time you look at your tats and lament your inability to think rationally when getting inked, just look at Grande's latest tattoo and you'll be sure to feel better about your own.

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