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Can You Name The Badges Of Every Major Soccer Team?

Quiz August 11, 2017 By Hugo

Soccer; a sport obsessed over in nearly every part of the world aside from America. That isn't the actual definition of the beautiful game, but it may as well be, such is the intense fandom the biggest teams in the world boast, with the baying, rip-roaring chants in soccer stadiums unlikely to be witnessed in any other sport.

Shutterstock/ topseller

Still, if you're American there's a good chance you couldn't care less about soccer aside from when the World Cup comes around every four years, and even then you probably wonder why you've invested your emotions in a men's soccer team when you could be working on your fantasy football team.

But whether you like it or not soccer is a growing sport in America, and with stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar global brands as well as athletes, soccer players are more recognizable than ever stateside, but if you can successfully identify these famous soccer crests we'll know your soccer knowledge extends beyond the hipster enclaves of a Seattle Sounders' members club. 

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