She Almost Lost Her Life, Wait Till You See How

OMG June 26, 2018 By Hugo

Florida is known for its alligator-infested swamps, so it almost beggars belief that a zip line would be erected directly above one so paying customers can risk their lives all in the name of fun!

Rumble/ Newsflare

While we're by no means party poopers here at OMG Lane, it gets serious when a lurking reptile almost catches a woman's legs!

The shocking incident occurred during the last quarter of the ride and was probably filmed with the intention of giving the customer a memento to take home with them.

While the woman was probably all-too-aware of the reptiles, she probably didn't think she'd come that close to one, and we still can't believe camps like these are allowed to get away with charging people to almost get eaten alive!

Naturally, the woman screamed the place down when the alligator showed its teeth, but she soon realizes that she escaped its wrath and comes out the other end alive.

There's no doubting that the adrenaline rush must feel awesome, but this could have quickly turned nasty had the reptile been a little better with its timing!

Watch the terrifying video below and lets us know if you'd pay to go on such a ride!

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