10 YouTube Pranks That Went Too Far

OMG January 9, 2018 By Hugo

In recent years YouTube has become a playground for pranksters wishing to share their daring, comic skills with the world and the famous ones often boast millions of online subscribers.

YouTube/DM Pranks' Killer Clowns

With that said, content which primarily aims to shock unsuspecting members of the public (or even family members and loved ones) has drawn heavy criticism in many quarters and brought into question the ethical nature of such videos, so after watching many for 'research', we've come up with a list of famous YouTube pranks that we can all agree crossed the line in more ways than one.

Here are 10 YouTube pranks that went too far. 

1. Yoga Pants Prank- Fousey Tube

Starting things off with something more comic than shocking, this joke, devised by prominent YouTuber FouseyTube, aimed to test the reactions of pervy males by sporting a pair of tight yoga pants as he looked in the boot of his car.

YouTube/ fouseytube

Possessing a killer pair of legs and a Kim K-like derriere, Fousey's plan worked like dynamite, and he fools most men into thinking he's a woman. It was a good prank, although one guy took exception and almost punched him, which is why we've included it, despite it being a video that raises awareness of the constant ogling women put up with on a daily basis.

2. Meteor Prank- LG

You've probably wondered what it would be like if a meteor hit the Earth and civilisation as we knew it crumbled before our eyes, but you know deep down it's never going to happen in your lifetime so imagine how these unsuspecting job applicants must have felt when they thought they were witnessing the end of Earth as they knew it!

YouTube/ Mundo LG

Filmed by the electronics company LG with the intention of making it into a viral commercial, applicants are asked a few questions by the interviewer who is sitting behind a flat-screen LG television that takes on the appearance of a window. 

Perfect, then, to not only illustrate how life-like their TVs are but also to horrify members of the public. To do this, LG set up a machine that generated earthquake simulations before projecting an image of a crashing meteor on the 'window.' 

Funny, but oh so cruel! 

3. Killer Clown Scare Prank- DM Pranks' Killer Clowns 

A channel designed solely for killer clown prank videos, the subscription to this channel stands at over 4m users, with viewers getting their thrills from watching morbid-looking clowns preying on the public. 

Shutterstock/DM Pranks' Killer Clowns

In fairness, it's kind of funny at first, especially the scenes in the video above, but after a while, you get the sense that most of these people could suffer trauma from genuinely believing they are going to be butchered by a psychopathic clown. 

4. Stealing People's Gas Prank- Roman Atwood

Gas can be pretty expensive at times, and it's sometimes what puts people off owning a car in the first place, so you can imagine the annoyance these drivers felt when they came across a man appearing to extract gas from their vehicles illegally!


Targeting a predominately African-American neighbourhood in America, YouTube prankster Roman Atwood- who has a whopping 10m subscribers- faced criticism from online users for appearing to unfairly provoke black people and paint them in a negative light.

5. Escaped Prisoner Prank- Fousey Tube

There have been various fake prisoner pranks on YouTube in recent years, especially in America because they are often made to sport visible orange jumpsuits and are thus easy to detect, allowing for the pranks to appear genuine rather than staged. 

YouTube/ fouseytube

One man who pulled this daring prank off was Fousey Tube, who puts on the persona of a hysterical, on-the-run prisoner pleading for help to members of the public. It's funny to a degree, but when you have people threatening to punch him, it makes you think that this prank could have easily gotten out of hand! 

6. Snowman Prank- The Scary Snowman/Jay Karl’s Pranks

Done well and snowman pranks are amusing spectacles, and this prank was no exception until one guy's reaction went too far.

YouTube/ The Scary Snowman

Testing the reactions of locals in the middle of a busy Boston high street, many naturally drifted closer and inspected it. For those who did, however, they were thrown off guard when it suddenly moved. It was funny at first, but after one man instinctively threw a punch and knocked the snowman to the floor, the prankster in the snowman costume landed on a little girl nearby which isn't funny at all.

7. Miami Zombie Attack- VitalyzdTv

VitalyzdTV is a Russian prankster who has made a name for himself for not giving a rat's ass about the consequences from doing what he does, and he currently boasts over 9m subscribers on YouTube for staging elaborate pranks like the Miami zombie attack. 


Deciding to dress as a zombie and stretch his acting chops by making a range of grunting noises, the Russian pulls it off and scares the living daylights out of the Miami locals in a part of the city ubiquitous with violent crime.

8. Hologram Ghost Prank- PrankvsPrank

Many of us have an irrational fear of seeing ghosts in the dark so you can only feel sorry for this poor wife after her husband woke her in the middle of the night by projecting a hologram of a creepy ghost onto their bedroom wall.

YouTube/ Jesse

Disoriented at first, the woman quickly realises the ghost isn't part of a dream and is instead a scene reminiscent of those fu*ked up movies you watched as a kid. If I were her, I'd be mentally scarred, so it's a good job she appears to have a sense of humour about the incident at the end of the video! 

9. Killing My Own Dog Prank- DerekDeso

This prank is all kinds of no because no one should ever be tricked into thinking someone close to them has been killed, and YouTuber Derek Deso certainly crossed the line when he made his girlfriend believe she had run over their dog.

YouTube/ Derek Deso

Placing a stuffed toy dappled with fake blood underneath the car's wheel, Derek places a camera in the garage to record the incident minutes before she steps into the car. 

In our minds, it isn't at all funny (hence why we haven't shown it), and he should clearly learn to chill when it comes to perpetually pranking a girl he supposedly loves. What a douche! 

10. Rat Prank- DerekDeso

Sticking with DerekDeso's 1.5m strong YouTube channel, we don't think pranks get any worse than ones involving REAL rats. That's just all kinds of no, yet that still doesn't stop this guy dropping them on his girlfriend while she was sleeping. 

YouTube/ Derek Deso

Maybe I'm being a wet blanket and not appreciating his talents and sheer audacity as a prankster, but I just don't find that funny- perhaps because rats are my biggest fear, and if he ever did that to me I'd lose it just like his girlfriend did!

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