5-Year-Old Meets Foal And It's The Cutest Thing Ever

OMG May 2, 2018 By Hugo

With the world in freefall, it's always refreshing to report on stories that promote nothing but love, so when we stumbled upon a story of a cute little boy befriending a foal, we had to share it with you. 


In what has to be one of the sweetest videos on the net, a five-year-old boy can be seen visiting an adorable foal with his mother, who owns both horses.

Having been there at the foal's birth, the bond the little duo have appears inseparable, and even with the foal's protective mother watching on, her presence doesn't seem to stop the little ones having fun.

Thankfully the boy's mother records the lovely moment for us all to see, and for a brief moment, makes the world a better place.

Watch the full video below and share it with anyone going through a rough time to remind them that the world is still a place of peace and love!


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