3-Year-Old Imitates Famous Female Role Models And Looks Adorable

OMG March 15, 2018 By Hugo

In recent years female empowerment within Hollywood has become stronger than ever, with actresses like Emma Watson and Amy Schumer taking a stand against the pre-conceived notions of what it means to be a woman, and this commendable activism is clearly rubbing off on a younger generation of girls like 3-year-old Scout! 


Modelling a variety of outfits similar to those donned by famous female figures, the pictures look adorable- though the project came about after Scout's grandma, Diane Willoughby was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Being a 3-year-old, Scout couldn't comprehend the seriousness of her nonnie's illness, and when her hair started falling out, her mother realised something needed to be done to put her mind at ease so decided to come up with an excellent project about girl power. 

Speaking about the project with her daughter, the girl's mother, Ashley Larson, told People magazine, “We’ve lost a few family members to breast cancer, and when she got the diagnosis it was scary. The kids were confused when mom started losing her hair and got very sick, but they understood that she was a strong lady to get better. It was comforting to her to show Scout how strong women are and that grandma will be okay.”

Since the project, an Instagram page dedicated to Scout's lookalike photos of famous personalities has attracted thousands of followers, with powerful women like Adele and Emma Watson all being mimicked by Scout. 

Better still, Ashley's mother and Scout's nonnie has recently been given the all-clear following six rounds of chemo, and she even appears in some of the photos with her granddaughter.

The news delighted little Scout, who has proudly been telling everyone, 'My nonnie has her hair back, she’s not sick anymore.’

What an uplifting story! If you want to see more of the inspiring photos, check out Ashley's Instagram page by clicking here.

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