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Celebrity IQs That Are Truly Incredible

FUN FACTS February 2, 2017 By Hugo

Celebrities aren't usually credited for their intelligence so we thought we'd cast a light on celebrity IQs. Some will probably surprise you while others may even shock you which just goes to show that you should never judge a celebrity's intelligence by watching hours of YouTube footage and reading mean-spirited gossip columns.


Admittedly, IQs are not easy to measure but in general, anyone scoring above 110 is deemed to be of above-average intelligence so, with that in mind, OMG Lane has compiled the reported IQs of 25 high-profile celebrities.

1. James Franco - 130

Making it in Hollywood doesn't require a College degree, which means it's highly unlikely you'll spot Justin Bieber or Harry Styles in your lecture on post-colonial history. But then again, James Franco isn't your usual celebrity. Far from it.

In fact, the Pineapple Express star holds a majors degree in English literature from UCLA and has also taken various creative writing courses. Teaching is another forte of Franco's, and when he isn't studying on film sets, hosting the Oscars, or wooing women across the world with his good looks, you can find him teaching classes at USC, UCLA, and NYU. 

UCLA even recognized his significance as an academic on a poster of famous alumni members, with a witty caption underneath reading, 'Some A-Listers Actually Get A's.'

2. Ashton Kutcher -  160

He may be known more for his chiseled jawline, poor acting abilities, and marriage to Mila Kunis, but before the actor made it big in Hollywood, he was studying biochemical engineering at the University of Iowa.

In recent years, the Iowa native has also built up an impressive investment portfolio following various investments in tech companies operating in the Silicon Valley region. The actor, along with his investment partner and Madonna's manager, Guy Oseary, is even thought to have provided seed money for apps like Uber and Airbnb.

3. Nicole Kidman - 132

The Australian beauty's high IQ should come as little surprise once you realize the esteemed actress comes from a family that includes doctors and biochemists, while her thought-provoking film roles would suggest that Kidman isn't your ordinary A-list actress.


Nicole also excelled academically at school though decided to forgo academic study after high school and take up a place to study drama at Melbourne's prestigious Victoria College of Arts. 

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger - 135

The actor and former Governor of California first made his name for himself as a professional bodybuilder, a dream which started in a small town in Austria. But don't let age-old stereotypes of nonchalant jocks distract you from the fact that Arnie is one intelligent dude.

Not only had Schwarzenegger achieved his dream of going to America and becoming a champion bodybuilder without initially speaking a word of English, his subsequent success, which not only included A-list movie roles but also a foray into state politics, may in part be explained by his impressive IQ of 135 as well as his steely determination.

5. Natalie Portman - 140

Unlike many child actors, Portman excelled at school and even skipped the after parties of movie premiers to revise for her exams. However, such dedication didn't go unnoticed by large swathes of the media. Not that that bothered the actress, who told one reporter,  "I don't care if [college] ruins my career, and I'd rather be smart than a movie star."


Unsurprisingly, Portman's willingness to learn gained her a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Harvard University. If that wasn't impressive enough, the Oscar-winning actress speaks five different languages, has been published in scientific journals and still attends graduate classes at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

6. Quentin Tarintino - 160

The man behind the lens and keyboard of some of Hollywood's best-known movies is an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to his craft. The director regularly watches over 200 movies a year and even worked as an usher in an adult movie theater just to immerse himself in the world of cinema as much as he could.

Still, the king of blood and gore hasn't had much of a formal education. Instead, the 52-year old dropped out of high school aged 15 and credits his knowledge with his years working in a video rental shop. “When people ask me if I went to film school," he explained, "I tell them, ‘no, I went to films'".

7. Sharon Stone - 154

Actress and model Sharon Stone gave the world a pair of widening eyes when she crossed her legs playing sassy serial killer Catherine Tramell in the cult classic 'Basic Instinct' though aside from giving the world a glimpse of her private parts, Stone is also famed for her incredible IQ.

Believe it or not, the actress was offered a scholarship to the Edinboro University of Pennsylvania aged only 15, and though she withdrew two years later to become a model, with an IQ of 154, the starlet is probably smarter than most academics.

8. Matt Damon - 140

Much like James Franco but more successful as an actor, Matt Damon is extremely well-educated and even studied at Harvard University before dropping out to take on a film role.

With that said, his time at one of the world's most elite Colleges wasn't wasted with the likable actor penning the first draft of the now much-loved movie, Good Will Hunting, a script that would later win him and friend Ben Affleck Oscars at the tender ages of 25 for Best Original Screenplay.

9. Jodie Foster - 132

It's a shame that Foster doesn't get the National Treasure recognition that is so readily bestowed on fellow actress Meryl Streep because if we're honest, she's just as good an actress and judging by her eye-catching IQ, a more intelligent one, too. 

Yes, Foster's IQ isn't only impressive, it's remarkable when you consider she was homeschooled from an early age following her success as a child actress. But that didn't seem to make much difference, as Foster's appetite for learning started at a young age, and by 3 she was already writing fluently, so you won't be surprised to know that Foster not only received a degree in literature from Yale University but also an honorary doctorate in fine arts. 

10. Ivanka Trump - 140 

Judging by her father's controversial and some would say ill-considered rhetoric in the run-up to one of the most heated presidential debates in recent memory, it almost comes as a surprise that President Donald. J. Trump's daughter, Ivanka, possesses an astounding IQ of 140.

With that said, a father or mother's actions, no matter how bad they are, should never reflect poorly on their children, and Ivanka's educational background is nothing to be scoffed at. In fact, Ivanka, who attended Georgetown University for two years before transferring to Wharton Business School eventually earned a degree in Economics upon graduating in 2004.

11. Madonna - 140

Madonna may be an artistic genius to millions, but before she became a household name, the songstress was also a straight A student and her unfaltering academic progress eventually presented her with a scholarship at Michigan University.

However, by that stage in her life, it seemed a young Madonna had already made her mind up and opted for a career in music instead. And, aside from a brief stint at a Dunkin Doughnuts just off Times Square, the shrewd teenager's move paid off.

12. Shakira - 140

The Latino megastar is often voted the sexiest women alive by magazines while also being a regular on the Forbes Celebrity Power List. Still, aside from her natural beauty and outstanding vocal talents, you may be less informed of the singer's academic credentials. 

Yes, aside from writing all her songs, and speaking three separate languages, Shakira has a deep interest in world cultures, leading the Columbian to enroll on a course at UCLA studying the history of Western civilisation.

13. Cindy Crawford - 154

Proving there's more to supermodels than chiseled cheekbones and flawless skin complexions, Cindy Crawford isn't your stereotypical supermodel. Graduating as valedictorian in 1984, Crawford would go on to Northwestern University, and once more defy stereotypes by majoring in chemical engineering.

However, her academic career was short lived, with the model dropping out after only one term following the early success of her modeling career.

14. Kate Beckinsale - 132

Graduating from Britain's prestigious Oxford University, vampire slayer Kate Beckinsale has an ability to take on most things, and it appears academia was no exception.

Studying modern languages, the actress is a fully accomplished polyglot thanks to being fluent in both French, German and Russian.

15. Melania Trump - "Very high"

While reports of Melania's official IQ are few and far between, the supermodel's former professor who briefly taught her when she was a student at Slovenia's University of Ljubljana remembered her as being incredibly bright and even believed that "her IQ was very high."

Whether this is true or not is impossible to prove, but there's no doubting that Melania, who can speak five different languages, is intelligent.

16. Michelle Obama - 130

Estimating Michelle Obama's IQ has seen many people suggest different scores with some pointing out that she openly admits her SAT's scores were lower than they should have been. However, that never stopped her from becoming a high level lawyer and typically, there is a correlation between married couples and their respective IQ scores.


To graduate from any sort of Ivy League law school would suggest an IQ of at least 120 points.

17. Emma Watson - 138

Graduating from Brown University with a degree in English literature, Emma Watson was the only one of the Harry Potter trio to carry on with their education after their high school exams. But with the responsibility of performing in a multi-billion dollar franchise, studying wasn't comfortable. Apparently, Watson would spend five hours each day between takes to maintain her grades and after gaining straight A's in both her secondary and high School examinations, Watson won a place at the prestigious Ivy League College, Brown and has continued to excel in life, both within and outside Hollywood. 


A notable example of this has come through her work as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for Women, which allowed the actress to promote her  'HeforShe' campaign. The campaign encourages men and boys to champion women's rights but ultimately battle against preconceived ideas of what it means to be a woman or a man in the 21st century.

18. James Woods - 184

Known more nowadays for his voice acting, James Woods admitted to James Lipton on Inside the Actor's Studio that he has a recorded IQ of 184! If true, that would put Woods among the brightest people on earth, and it appears his scores on his SATs for verbal reasoning (800) and maths (779) back up his claim.

To put things into perspective, Stephen Hawking's rumored IQ is 160 while Albert Einstein's was believed to be the same. Thus, Woods may not be the king of Hollywood, but he's certainly its professor.

19. Bill O’Reilly – 150

The tension is always palpable whenever the cantankerous Fox News host and libertarian Bill O'Reilly interviews a guest on his show 'the O' Reilly FACTOR' often due to his refusal to entertain ideas that don't fall into his and his employer's far right agenda.


But for all the stick he gets from the left, the news presenter and best-selling author is undoubtedly intelligent, boasting an IQ of 150. 

20. Lisa Kudrow - 160

She may have attained worldwide fame for her portrayal of ditzy blonde Pheobe on NBC's hit series Friends, but Kudrow's personality bears little resemblance to her most well-known character.

For 8 years after her College graduation, which saw her attain an undergraduate degree in biology, the actress worked with her father as a medical researcher and even gained a research credit for one his papers exploring the comparative likelihood of left-handed individuals developing cluster headaches before she decided to pursue an acting career.

21. David Duchovny - 147

Some people seem to have it all, and David Duchovny can make a fair claim to being one of those people. He's good looking, wealthy, and pretty much good at everything he does, though he is most known for his acting credits on the hit shows The X-Files and Californication. Not that acting is the only craft synonymous with his career.

Perhaps refusing to be consigned to one discipline, Duchovny later branched into directing, screenplay and novel writing and even music before taking his talents into academia, with the star recently earning a Master of Arts from Yale University.

22. Ke$ha – 140 

The hitmaker has been in the news for more unsavory reasons in recent months following a wrangling contract dispute with her manager Dr. Luke who she claims sexually assaulted her which may be the reason why few people even remember her for her music, let alone her IQ.

Never a popular kid at school, Ke$ha confided in books instead and though she left high school early to pursue a pop career her outsider status certainly allowed her ample room to study before Hollywood came calling.

23. Steve Martin – 142 

Everyone's favorite actor and funnyman supposedly holds an IQ level of 142 according to some sources, although rumors of a supposed membership with Mensa were recently denied via his official Twitter account.

Regardless of his actual IQ level, there's no doubting Martin's intelligence, who slowly began making waves in the comedy circuit upon completing a philosophy degree at California State University.

24. Mayim Bialik – 163 

Mayim Bialik shot to fame on the smash hit TV series The Big Bang Theory playing Sheldon Cooper's lovestruck girlfriend, Amy Farrah Fowler. Amy's role on the show, however, also explores her job as a neuroscientist at the same University the guys work at, a profession Mayim knows well having been a neuroscientist herself for many years, which may have helped sway producers in to giving her the role.

After all, what other actresses auditioning for a role in Hollywood for a neurobiologist character can say they happen to be one themselves? Not many, that's for sure.

25. Robin Williams - 140

It seems Hollywood still hasn't quite come to terms with the tragic passing of Robin Williams, a man whose career and personality needs little introduction. With that said, his life wasn't entirely devoted to the arts.

Before enrolling at Julliard, where he would meet and share a room with Christopher Reeve, Williams was contemplating a degree in political science though he did stretch his academic muscles somewhat when playing an on-screen professor in the famous Gus Van Sant movie, Good Will Hunting.

26. Ken Jeong - 130

Ken Jeong is a former physician and recently reprised his former occupation on the ABC family drama 'Dr. Ken'. Attending high school in Greensboro, North Carolina, Jeong was even part of the High IQ team.

As well as this, the comedian and actor played violin in the school orchestra and would win the Greensboro's Youth of the Year award for his academic and extra circular excellence before studying at Duke University and then medicine at the University of North Carolina.

27. Sasha Obama - 146

Just like her older sister, Sasha Obama, the youngest daughter of former President of the Untied States Barack Obama, is thought to have an astonishingly high IQ, and why not, her parents are both lawyers and she has been afforded the best education on the planet.

Only time will tell just how smart the youngest Obama daughter is and what she puts her mind to but it certainly seems as though she could achieve great things.

28. Donald Trump - 156

Yes, the brash American President who has caused much controversy has been estimated to have an IQ of around 156 showing that he has 'bigly' levels of intelligence. 

Some may find this very hard to believe for a man who tapes the two ends of his tie together but he did graduate from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 1968, with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics and anthropology. However, Trump's official school transcripts are not available, so it is impossible to know his actual scholastic aptitude scores. 

29. Barack Obama - 145

Having gone to both Harvard and Chicago Law school, been a state senator and become President of the USA, it is perhaps not too surprising that many estimate Barack Obama's IQ to be so high.

A successful civil rights attorney before he went into politics, Barack has used his brains to propel him to the top of whatever he does.

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