The Most Beautiful Fans At The 2018 World Cup

OMG July 31, 2018 By Hugo

Even if soccer isn't your thing, and the World Cup was something you endured rather than enjoyed, we're sure you weren't complaining about the amount of eye candy in the stands!


From Sweden's blonde bombshells to the golden-skinned stunners of Latin and South America, the World Cup was a treat on the eyes in more ways than one. And even though the camera people didn't seem to want to spot any attractive males, we at OMG Lane still thought we'd relive the World Cup by taking a look back at some of the tournament's most passionate and beautiful fans. 

 1. Russia

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Russia is home to a number of beautiful women, so it's little surprise that the 2018 World Cup hosts wanted to show off their talents off the field as well as on it.

2. Colombia

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South American fans are known for their love of soccer, and their passion can often surpass that of their male counterparts! Here, the model Madga Angel, who is also a broadcaster for the Spanish channel Mundo Fox, shows just why Colombian women are often considered the most beautiful in the world.

3. Peru

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Peru qualified for their first World Cup since 1986 when they successfully overcame New Zealand in a playoff, and droves of fans traveled to Russia to make the most of every minute of the tournament- including an array of beautiful women. One of those was the model Nissu Cauti, who became a World Cup celebrity for her skimpy outfits and supportive messages around her lower midriff.

4. Brazil

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Soccer in Brazil is a religion, and that's putting it lightly. From an early age, children live their lives vicariously through their soccer idols as they dream of replicating their success. Even in adulthood, when their soccer dreams are all-but a distant memory, they still follow the sport with a fervent passion like few others, and the beautiful women in South America's biggest country are just as vocal.

5. Argentina

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Sharing a fierce rivalry with Brazil, Argentinians have a similar devotion to the sport of soccer, with both teams considered among the best teams in the world. As for their fans? Put it this way, if soccer was judged on looks rather than abilities, these two South American powerhouses would be the Messis and Ronaldos of the soccer world.

6. South Korea

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Boasting some of the most ethereal women in the whole of South-east Asia, the pale, milk-skinned beauty of South Korean women is plain to see and makes them stand out in a world obsessed with sun-soaked/damaged skin.

7. Uruguay

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Another South American team boasting a rich soccer heritage, Uruguay may only have a population of 3m people, but what it lacks in quantity it certainly makes up for in beauty.

8. Portugal

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For a nation that boasts the world's best soccer star in Cristiano Ronaldo, the European champion's pedigree off the pitch is just as noteworthy. Often rivaling Spain for the unofficial accolade of the world's most beautiful women, Portuguese women pile into stadiums in their droves to roar their team on.  

9. Iceland

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Iceland is a small nation, with just over 300,000 inhabitants, so it's a miracle their team even qualified for the World Cup! However, just like perennial overachievers Uruguay, Iceland's small population hasn't stopped them producing some decent soccer players, and of course, with Iceland being a Nordic country, most of their fans have high rise cheekbone and Brad Pitt-like jawlines. So beautiful are their people, that one of the players, Rurik Gislason, even garnered a whopping 1m Instagram after tv cameras captured his striking good looks. 

10. Croatia

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2018's finalist ultimately came undone by a French team that boasted an unhealthy amount of superstars, but that didn't stop us appreciating the efforts of the Croatians, who cheered their fans on with the utmost vigor- as the cameramen kept pointing out.

11. Japan

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Japanese culture is awash with cool trends and cutting-edge fashion, and the soccer kits sported by the national team were among the best at the World Cup, but we think they looked much better on their fans.

12. Sweden

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The second Nordic country to make our list, Sweden has long been associated with blonde bombshells, chiseled faces, and well-dressed locals, so it goes without saying that Swedish fans are beyond stunning. 

13. England

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England may not have the best reputation abroad when it comes to sporting matters, but the nation redeemed itself in style with a credible 4th place finish at the recent World Cup, and its fans were equally as celebrated, with the cameramen picking up more English fans than usual.

14. Spain

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Spain is spoilt for choice when it comes to its pool of soccer players, and that abundance of riches also applies to its prepossessing women. Blessed with natural olive skin, and glowing personalities, Spanish fans are truly one of a kind. 


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Serbian fans were left disappointed when they crashed out at the group stages of the 2018 World Cup, but its pretty fans were the the talk of the town long after the national team was sent packing. 

16. Poland


The World Cup unites soccer fans in a way no other tournament does, and that includes women who wouldn't normally watch the Beautiful Game! Just take this insanley attractive woman. While she might not be a soccer-mad fan or know who Poland's number 10, Grzegorz Krychowiak, actually is, she looks great and epitomizes all that is good about the sport of soccer!

17. Albania 


An Albanian soccer fan leaves little to the imagination in a two-strap item that is deliberately one size too small for her! Team USA, take note: If you want more dudes to watch the male team, then try and draft in some fans who look like this!

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