When This Man's Mother Complained About His Wife's Housekeeping He Had The Perfect Response

OMG December 19, 2017 By Vincent

Your home is your kingdom, no matter what state it is in, and so when one man heard his mother attacking his wife's housekeeping, he was a little shocked.

However, he came up with a beautiful response to his mother when she questioned it.

Clint Edwards is a parenting blogger from Oregon who often documents his trials and tribulations as a parent in an honest and humorous manner.

Without his father around much when he was younger, his inspiration was that he had no role model to follow and so decided to document his ups and downs as a dad.

However, one of his most popular posts to date on byclintedwards.com came from when he received a phone call from his mother.

Recounting the incident, he revealed it riled and shocked him a little bit.

When the subject of his wife came up, Clint revealed what his mother had said to him to wind him up.

 “A few weeks ago I was chatting with my mother over the phone when she said, ‘Doesn’t it bother you that Mel won’t keep a cleaner house?’”

The question rather took him by surprise. “It was a Saturday. I was working on the dishes. I honestly didn’t know what to say,” he said.

“My mother didn’t say it in an antagonist way or anything. It was more out of curiosity.”

A little taken back, Clint let his mind wander around the house.

He thought of the kid's rooms filled with toys all over the place, paint, and crayons over the tabletops and the sink full of unwashed dishes.

“She’d obviously noticed that our home wasn’t all that tidy,” Edwards conceded.

“I will also admit, it isn’t as clean as my mother’s home, but that doesn’t bother me. In fact, I don’t really think about that at all.”

It clearly didn't bother him, but there was one thing he did take umbrage with in the question.

“I see our marriage as a partnership, so cleaning is as much my responsibility as it is hers,” he explained.

But even with this in mind, Clint found it hard to be angry at her mother.

He said he believed it had something to do with her age.

"I didn’t really know how to respond to my mother, so I floundered. I never really know what to say in moments like this."

"But thinking back, I believe my mother’s perception of our house really reflects the era she grew up in,” Edwards explained.

"I didn’t know my father all that well, but I do remember him giving me this advice about picking a wife. "

"‘Stop by her house unexpected. See how it looks in there,’” he revealed.

"You can tell a lot about a woman by how she keeps her house,’” Edwards wrote, still relaying his father’s message.

Concluding, he added, “I think my mother’s concern over a clean house has a lot to do with her trying to meet the expectations of her youth.”

“Unlike my father, I didn’t really think about a clean house when I married my wife. I thought about how I liked what she had to say,” he wrote.

"I thought about how she made me feel,” he continued. “I thought about how she smiled a lot. I liked that. I thought about how she was sweet and thoughtful, and how she seemed like the kind of mother I’d want for my children.”

So,  speaking about responding to his mother, he said:

"After a few moments of struggling to find the right words, I finally said, ‘I didn’t get into this marriage for a clean house. I got into it because she seemed like someone I could spend my life with,’” the writer revealed.

This response apparently silenced his mother on the other end of the phone and Clint let it ruminate.

“I put some dishes in the washer,” Edwards wrote. “Eventually mom said, ‘Well… that probably is more important than a clean house.’ ‘Yeah,’ I said, ‘I think so too.’”

Many social media users thought that this was a great response with one saying: You have so many years to have a clean house,” one wrote. “You have the blink of an eye to make memories with your babies while they’re small."

But what are your thoughts? Have you ever had to respond to something unexpected from friends or family members? Let us know in the comments below

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